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Texas attorney general under FBI lens for alleged bribery, report says

Texas attorney general under FBI lens for alleged bribery, report says

AP quoting unnamed sources reported that the FBI is probing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over bribery allegations and abuse of office in an effort to help a real estate developer and wealthy donor. Four ex-members of Paxton’s staff have accused him of using his office to benefit businessman Nate Paul. Since their reporting, all the four have either resigned, been fired or placed on leave.

Tom A
Tom A
IvoryDove 2 months

The big difference between an corrupt Republican and a corrupt Democrat?...... Wait for it..... Wait for it..... The Republican gets indicted, the Democrat gets elected president.

edwin 2 months

Hmm, unnamed sources... this is sounding familiar.

Jon 2 months

Well well well. Maybe I should go on Hannity and hold a bunch of random papers and say SEE SEEEEEE

mel 2 months

Oh wow shocker. Ken Paxton, under a microscope for illegal biddings. This man is just like all the other politician crooks out there that somehow still hold on to their position. Not gonna name names but you know...

Richard 2 months

Unnammed sources....

mickey 2 months

🤔More DC Corruption. ''m 😲 simply mistified by this behavior.

SD 2 months

GOP... the party of self dealing crooks since 1968!

Aaron 2 months


Remember 2 months

why the picture of convid vaccine? I seem 2B missing the connection to the story...

Doug 2 months

Typical Texas politics.

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