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FAA clears Boeing 737 Max to fly again after 20-month grounding

FAA clears Boeing 737 Max to fly again after 20-month grounding

Boeing has won approval of the US FAA on Wednesday to fly its 737 MAX jet again after two fatal disasters. The FAA has detailed software upgrades and training changes Boeing must make in order for it to resume commercial flights after a 20-month grounding. Boeing has a backlog of more than 3,000 other Boeing 737 Max planes.

Bojan 1 weeks

Lol the articles in this. FAA orders a 115 page order of stuff to do. But some guy flys a 737 max withouth changes, says i like what i see and it's good. Also f*** you corporations and droping the MAX name and using the original variant name. Just f*** you up ans down for that. So basically, if you think your drinking poision, just stick a label with the word water on it and you good. Also also, I wonder who will certify that thr judges orders were carried out? Same people that certified it in the first place before the crashes

Addy 1 weeks

@M. Schlegel It WAS a good plane...before they stuck engines too big for its frame onto it. Unless they redesign the frame to balance the plane for good, they will continue to fight against the tilt at full thrust, either manually via pilot training, or with softwares which has proven disastrous.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 1 weeks

It is and was a good airplane and with some changes and especially better pilot training (requiring simulator training, not just 737 experience and a handbook) it will be safe and I would go on board without second thoughts. The real scandal is how Boeing effectively self-certified its planes. And as far as I know despite recertifying it, it’s still unclear when it’ll be back in large scale comercial operation. Boeing is losing in space to SpaceX Blue Origin and others (see moon lander) Boeing is increasingly losing to Airbus as the competitor aircrafts to the 737 Max from Airbus have longer range and all around better economics. If it wasn’t for government contracts Boeing would be in deep trouble. Admitingly its competitors profit from gov contracts as well but Boeing needs to be careful or it might lose a lot of market share in the next 10 years or so. And that by the way would lose a lot of US jobs.

Dave 1 weeks

O.o 20 months?! I've only ever been grounded for a month at most for playing WWF with my brother and powerbombing him through a plastic picnic table!

ben 1 weeks

So who is going to buy it now? A 2nd rate plane by any standard. Buy Airbus2021

joe 1 weeks

FAA: here’s your toy back now don’t break it this time or I’ll take it away for good this time. Spirit airlines: hold my beer.

Patty 1 weeks

I wouldn't trust taking it

Tiggs 1 weeks

Lol, and I'm sure people will just be lining up for a ticket 😱✈

Sloth 1 weeks

Do people still fly anyways?

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