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Facebook accused of forcing moderators back to office raising Covid-19 concerns

Facebook accused of forcing moderators back to office raising Covid-19 concerns

Over 200 Facebook employees from around the world have accused the company of forcing its content moderators back to the office despite the risks of contracting Covid-19. In an ’open letter,’ the employees said the social media giant was ’needlessly risking’ lives to maintain profits and called it for making changes. Facebook said ’a majority’ of its 15,000 reviewers were working from home.

Mutatis 2 weeks

I think Facebook should solve this problem by firing all of them, to save them from working in such a dangerous environment of course, and then perhaps let their users moderate the content themselves.

Rocket 2 weeks

Everytime you see something about Facebook employees it seems to center around three main themes: 1) many of their employees are whiny, perpetually offended complainers; 2) their employees frequently throw tantrums when they don't get their way, usually in the form threatening boycotts against the company or other "social justice" excuse; and 3) they cite any excuse to get out of doing any real work and the 'Rona was the best excuse yet to not have get the office where they will be supervised.

Unity.Nat 2 weeks

The moderators use their power to control others online but when they themselves get told what to do they throw a tantrum. What loseŕs

Patrick 2 weeks

They're moderately pizzed right now.

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 2 weeks

Shouldn't they take it up with their employer first? Maybe they did and got ignored.

Dan 2 weeks

Do they even leave their house to do that?🤣Just!

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 2 weeks

Those censors don't deserve it. They chose that job. OMG!

David 2 weeks

How about better and fair moderation!

Chad 2 weeks

Deleted my account. You can't say a word without getting banned

Eric 2 weeks

“Forced to work”, nobody is forcing them to do anything they have the ability to say no. If I didn’t like staying employed during this pandemic I would have simply told my boss no, but I didn’t because I was just thankful to still have a job.

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