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Florida sheriff releases footage of deputies fatally shooting two black teens

Florida sheriff releases footage of deputies fatally shooting two black teens

Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey released a dashcam video footage showing deputies shooting two black teenagers after days of pressure from community leaders, elected officials and others. Two deputies while conducting a probe into a stolen car in Cocoa fatally shot AJ Crooms, 16, and Sincere Pierce, 18, last Friday. The deputies involved have been placed on administrative leave.

Jim 2 months

Still trying to understand why blacks don’t automatically stop what they are doing, put their hands up and lay down when confronted by cops. I mean if I thought all cops did was hunt me and kill me for no reason I wouldn’t do anything to entice them. Unless, just maybe, all this is BS and they are actually committing crimes and not following orders.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

2 less criminal thugs. Keep up the great work police around the country. Next roll out National Gaurd on blm and antifa terrorist

Jim 2 months

You can do any kind of reform you wish, until people do what they are told there will be police shootings. It takes two to cause these shootings and 50% of you completely ignore one side of this issue. Crump says they tried to drive away from a senario that was terrifying huh ? So do they live at the house they pulled into or what ? Why were they pulling in there ? I know, it was because they knew cops were around and they wanted to act like they lived there hoping Po Po would drive on by. When that failed they were going to run. I’m so sick of people using the excuse of being scared when cops catch they breaking the law !

WWIII 2 months

Debts to society... -2... if black people really wanted to stop the problems, they would start teaching their kids the right way instead of blaming their current problems on actions of nobody who is even alive that happened 150 years ago...

Jim 2 months

A few issues need to be addressed, they are like an elephant in the room : Some laws need to be eliminated, it should be a law that when a new law is passed the older laws are removed from the book. Property crimes like car theft should be investigated but as a civil infraction. Those found guilty would face monetary penalties not jail - could get pretty expensive to steal cars or damage store fronts Failing to follow police instructions should be a mandatory felony with mandatory jail time, we cannot have people just do whatever they want despite being told otherwise. The street isn’t the place for a review of the constitution, the courtroom is. Police departments should be prevented from being covered by insurance. Insurance companies pay the cost of bad cops and illegal actions of bad cops, the departments NEVER actually pay , they have liability insurance coverage If you accuse a department of taking illegal action and lose you should be forced to pay the officers and the department a percentage of what you sued for, attorneys who file cases knowing there wasn’t a policy of constitutional violation should lose their bar card. Police who are found to be guilty of civil rights violations should be subject to termination. Cops aren’t lawyers so their acts need to be seriously flawed legally before this but if they are wrong in deadly force it should out be automatic

Matt 2 months

Sh*t cop. It's like watching a blooper reel sometimes. My elders taught me to never stand in front of a moving vehicle. Cars can't drive sideways. Stand there for a better experience.

al 2 months

Definitely wanted to shoot them, definitely could have not shot them. Shame when cops get executed for “no reason” ain’t it!

David 2 months

To much to ask for patience in order to conduct an investigation I bet.

🤡🌐🙅🏿‍♀️ 2 months

actual video:

Jahmel 2 months

My Antifa gang crew is calling GEORGE SOROS as we speak to handle this swiftly. This man will be a thing of the past

Tiktator 2 months

Clearly shows them attempting to run over the officer. I'd of shot as well. Next.

ben 2 months

Why only 2?

Osuror 2 months

In a system that lacks heavy repercussions for abuse of power by law enforcement, it's not surprising that they'd be more aggressive towards more vulnerable communities. Near absolute power attracts svumbags and draws out the worst in otherwise normal people. Coupling that with a lethal weapon and insecurity due to minimal combat training ... simply a recipe for disaster.

#Resist 2 months

Shooting was just. ℉ck BLM terrorism.

Rocky 2 months

Well that's pretty clearly justified use of force. I blame the parenting.

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