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Apple to pay $113 million to settle ’Batterygate’ lawsuit

Apple to pay $113 million to settle ’Batterygate’ lawsuit

Apple agreed to pay $113 million to settle the ’Batterygate’ scandal back in 2017 which Apple apologized for. They reached settlement with 34 state attorneys general over claims that the company slowed down the performance of older iPhones when they released a new model. They said they did so to preserve the performance of the battery but were accused of doing so to get people to upgrade.

Jarrod 1 weeks

Considering they make 1m a minute in revenue they should have this paid off in a few hours. Man they need to hit this company for more than pocket change.

ben 1 weeks

This is great news! Tell me again how much the people effected each got? Free iTunes, Apple TV, nothing?? Just the government paying itself to do what WE THE PEOPLE pay them to do already thru our taxes.

Garthak 1 weeks

When can we stop calling every conspiracy a "gate" gamergate, batterygate, inflate gate, it's time to stop

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