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China’s Xi says Beijing won’t seek to ’decouple,’ pledges tariff cuts

China’s Xi says Beijing won’t seek to ’decouple,’ pledges tariff cuts

China’s President Xi Jinping said Beijing won’t seek to decouple from world economies but will continue to work with them, including the US. Speaking via video link during a meeting of Asia-Pacific CEOs, Xi promised to open China’s market wider, but he didn’t say anything on the subsidies and protection some of the country’s companies enjoy, giving them an upper hand against foreign competitors.

BseMdl 2 months

China taxes ALL imports 100% while exporting like a bandit. Their communist production of garbage widgets needs to stop! Stop BLMing & boycott Goods made in China. The CCP takes all the profits & makes it’s citizens suffer anyways!

new ui is unusable
new ui is unusable 2 months

China literally released a 10 year plan to decouple their economy like a month ago, complete with animated videos made in English to explain the plan in detail. they call it a dual cycle economy. this is just commie doublespeak. propaganda to confuse and disguise. CCP bandits deserve death. i love the Chinese people, but their totalitarian government should be destroyed utterly.

John W
John W 2 months

He knows Biden can be bought off. Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China: Goodwin

IvoryDove 2 months

"It's much easier to spread viral infections upon the free market countries if we stay engaged. So far, COVID-19 is working better than our wildest dreams!"

Jerry 2 months

PA, that sounds like a good movie. We need some more feel good movies. Have you noticed how many time big events happen in movies before they happen in real life. Get that movie made!

Patrick 2 months

I likely should not spill the beans, but the U.S. is going to grab that asteroid chalked full of trillions of dollars worth of precious metals and stabilize our economy, establish a new world crypto currency, and erase all debt worldwide. And when this happens, the world leaders will come together to democratically create a one world government allowing the whole world to participate in a vote to establish it. Good times ahead everyone!!!

Foshizzle 2 months

Creepy Joe won't care... Tariff away China.

Katharine 2 months

Are you charging them twice?

Aaron 2 months

We better not

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