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Lockdowns in Europe avoidable, school closures not effective: WHO

Lockdowns in Europe avoidable, school closures not effective: WHO

The WHO said Thursday that fresh lockdowns in Europe are avoidable, including through near-universal mask-wearing. Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, highlighted that, ’Europe is once again the epicentre of the pandemic, together with the United States.’ Kluge stressed that primary schools should be kept open, adding that children and adolescents are not driving the spread.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 2 months

Tell the Swedish government about it.... They are just about to close everything down... Mop heads...

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 2 months

All those who advocated locking up schools and learning from home are AnTiScIeNcE! They need to LiStEn To AuThOrItAtIvE oRgAnIzAtIoNs 😂😂😂 seriously though, I find the reaction to covid from like 60% of people is incredibly porrly informed. Like people seem to have amnesia when it comes to January-March and who just uncritically regurgitated what they heard are now having to stretch themselves to reverse course and blame trump, without evidence of course. Mainly because they 'on't have any, they just think President = virus dictatorship and if they 'on't get abused by the feds then they complain lol

Tomas 2 months

You can’t have an epicentre for a pandemic in two places, that’s not how epicentres work as a classification.

Austin 2 months

Interesting that no links are tagged as "right" Fancy that, huh?

Boudica 2 months

I wonder if Cuomo read this...

Anthony 2 months

Did WHO just agree with Trump? Does that mean Liberals are wrong? What are the odds.

Glen 2 months

Teachers in our country are the worst example for our children. Their willing to let our children fail, just to protect their whiney little assess. For people under 70, its just a bad case of the flu. This is a war, and our teachers are retreating. Were losing our kids, and when the going gets tough, our educators run for the hills.

David 2 months

All Trump's fault.

Joyce 2 months

Why are we closing schools when sciencetellsusto keep them open..

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