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US jobless claims surge to 742,000 as Covid pandemic worsens

US jobless claims surge to 742,000 as Covid pandemic worsens

US citizens seeking unemployment benefits rose last week to 742,000, the first increase in five weeks and a sign that that pandemic is likely to slow economy and add pressure on companies to announce jobs cuts. The Labor Department’s report on Thurs. showed that applications for benefits rose from 711,000 in previous week. Claims had surged to 6.9mn in March when the pandemic first intensified.

ToddBundy 1 weeks

Wait what? I thought Americas economy was stronger than ever? Tariffs were gonna save the economy and America would come first..... hmmm I guess we were lied to

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 weeks

Japan is having a very thriving business. They are helping small businesses. They just closed their borders back in January just like Trump wanted to. He was called Racist, and xenophobe for doing that. Democrats threatened a bill if he tried to add any more countries to the flight ban list. So the Democrats had the same briefing Trump did in 2020. They had to go resistant instead of doing the RIGHT THING.

MrVairhein 1 weeks

*US jobless claims surge to 742,000 as covid LOCKDOWNS worsen* Fixed it for ya

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