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YouTube’s new Terms of Service will allow ads without revenue sharing

YouTube’s new Terms of Service will allow ads without revenue sharing

Video streaming platform YouTube, owned by Google parent Alphabet, updated its Terms of Service on November 18th to deprive content creators from revenue. The update allows YouTube to display ads on or within content or to charge an access fee without sharing the revenue with content creators. The practice applies to creators who are not in the YouTube Partner Program.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

So the question is who is going to start a rival platform that is for actual creators of all kinds and doesn't shut them down for which ever way on the political field they lean?

Dan 2 weeks

FK youtube. I banned them from my platform.

Beercorn 2 weeks

I’m looking forward to the day when nobody’s able to make a living solely as a full-time YouTuber anymore. It’s going to happen and none of these internet “influencers” are prepared for it. Some of them are in their 40s are literally have zero marketable skills.

Matt 2 weeks

Adblock time again. I'll kill the crew to sink the ship. Google got evil a while ago, and they keep pushing. Time to push back people. Start with DuckDuckGo. It gets me what I want on the first page results 90%+

Quinn Kortum
Quinn Kortum 2 weeks

I KNEEEEW IT!! So many of my regular youtubers I watch are entirely demonetized, but recently they started having real adds!!! Such Bull this is

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 2 weeks

Yet another example why big social networks are not private companies whose terms of service are subject to change without notice at their whim. Unless big markets such as USA or EU pass regulations severely limiting this kind of behavior, there'll be trouble. But then again if this and other such moves will bring on a wave of innivations and many new players in this field - the better for everyone. Google and Facebook are long in the teeth by now and they start to really overstay their welcome.

Angry_Face 1 weeks

Bitchute will pick up some slack, about time people pay $1 month for their favourite content so we can watch Youtube CRUMBLE

Jon 2 weeks

True content creators should flee the platform now.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 weeks

The time to finally move on is getting closer.

D 1 weeks

One gets suspended for YouTube when they think anything one says about any group is hate speech. They do allow those same groups to spew hate though. You can't have an different opinion about people or groups that don't align with the leftist.

AD C 2 weeks

Anyone else remember when Google's mission statement was "Don't be evil?"

Wholly 2 weeks

Publisher or Platform?

Franklin 1 weeks

Movies/TV: This Blu-ray Disc audio commentary contains views, opinions, and statements of the individuals participating herein. [Insert Any Film Studio] does not represent or endorse suchs views, opinions or statements. YouTube: Everything you do or don't do, say or don't say WILL be used against you!

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