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Trump election campaign asks judge to declare him winner in Pennsylvania

Trump election campaign asks judge to declare him winner in Pennsylvania

President Trump’s election campaign on Wednesday asked a judge to declare him the winner in Pennsylvania. In a court filing, the campaign asked the district judge to considering ruling the results as defective ’and providing for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to choose Pennsylvania’s electors.’ The lawsuit also alleges inconsistent treatment by county election officials of mail-in ballots.

Laura 2 months

So a judge is supposed to ignore how citizens actually voted and declare him the winner because he wants to be the winner?

So 2 months

On Jun. 18, 2015, the State of Wisconsin purchased Dominion Election Systems (Dominion) for use in their 72 counties. On Sep. 11, 2014 they had already purchased Election Systems and Software (ES&S). See list of Wisconsin vendors approved for 2020. The list is misleading since Sequoia, ES&S and Premier are all controlled by Dominion. We asked a senior Fortune 50 software engineering expert to review the Wisconsin Election Commission approval paperwork. That person’s overall conclusion was that the process was: “Sorry to be so pedestrian, but the Wisconsin process is stupid, laughable, and sad.” WISCONSIN'S DOMINION TESTING LACKED ANY SUBSTANCE To be as kind as possible, the expert said: "Wisconsin’s Dominion testing and approval process was all show and no substance.” “The Commission goes through the motions, but everything about their actions are those of rank amateurs, at best, and willful obfuscation, at worst." "Their process was evidently designed by bureaucrats and lawyers more interested in shifting the liability to many people, so that no one is accountable. They approved each other in a circular manner to avoid direct liability, it appears to me. That would never fly in a real testing sign-off process. In real engineering, named individuals are always held accountable. That is not so in this Wisconsin Dominion document. It's a CYA document. Sadly though, the Voice of the Citizens in our Republic is the victim." "They did not use software and hardware engineering experts. Instead, they used their non-technical staff. These were essentially people off the streets who knew nothing about technology, engineering or systems testing.” “In short, Wisconsin’s approval of Dominion and ES&S voting systems is grossly negligent, if not criminal. It made a mockery of valid testing principles and procedures that any engineer worth his or her salt knows. Such engineers were clearly not consulted in order to get Dominion approved." NO DOMINION TRANSPARENCY For example, no access to the software engineering source code was made by Wisconsin technical experts in software systems engineering. Therefore, Dominion and ES&S provided no transparency into how the votes are processed inside their programs. The Commission listed the compiled program modules, but that is meaningless for understanding how votes are processed inside the software. Essentially, compiled software takes the original human-readable source code and converts it into computer-readable (not human-readable) executable code. For example, "A+B=C" looks like "1Du’%3Ai3t%3" in machine code when compiled. Knowing the names of the program modules may be of slight interest, but absolutely pointless as a testing tool. Every software engineer knows this, which is proof that no engineers were there, or if they turned a blind eye, then they were complicit in a testing fraud. NO TESTING FOR THE NOTORIOUS "FRACTION MAGIC" Without real experts being able to evaluate the Dominion source code, the testing would have no way to detect the presence of well know vote fraud techniques like "Fraction Magic" which are always embedded deep inside computer-readable code. If the predetermined winner in a race is losing, fraction magic can shift votes from the candidate with more votes to the anointed one who is losing. Fraction magic works like a highway patrolman who sees a car he wants to catch up with and get in front of. He hits his accelerator to catch up to the other car. The rate of catch up is a function of his gas consumption. With more gas, he catches up more quickly. Fraction magic is instructed by third parties at Dominion how many votes and how fast those votes are to be shifted from the designated loser to the anointed winner to get the outcome they want. Vote totals have to be kept close so that these shifts are imperceptible. Evidently, Trump's lead was so great in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada that Dominion needed to shut down their system in order to change the fraction magic numbers so that more Trump votes could be shifted to Biden. Biden began picking up magical votes at a steady, statistically impossible rate (and therefore a programmed, artificial rate). Remarkably, the Wisconsin Election Commission approved Dominion with the ability to scan photocopied ballots. Their process allows poll workers to feed photocopies of ballots that have NO CHAIN OF CUSTODY & NO BI-PARTISAN EYES ON THE PROCESS.

Joseph 2 months

Wow trump is trying to cheat his way to win pa

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