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Protesters sue Chicago police, say cops used ’brutal, violent’ tactics

Protesters sue Chicago police, say cops used ’brutal, violent’ tactics

Activists who protested in Chicago over George Floyd’s death and the killing by police of other Blacks across the United States filed a federal lawsuit against the Chicago police accusing them of brutally attacking and falsely arresting them. They alleged cops used ’brutal, violent, and unconstitutional tactics’ intended to ’injure, silence, and intimidate’ protesters.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 1 weeks

When do the cities start suing the protesters for their violent and destructive actions?

Glen 1 weeks

Protesters have created this environment, their the problem, not law enforcement.

Remy 1 weeks

These "protestors" (aka violent thugs, thieves, and arsonists) are in for a rude awakening when the American Patriots decide to stop idling on the side lines. If you think the police have been too harsh on you... just wait. Kyle Rittenhouse does not stand alone. Keep trashing, looting, and burning our cities... f**k around and find out. I watched a video yesterday of a "man" standing atop a city bus with a flamethrower. People just standing around cheering. A f**king FLAMETHROWER. Really? These are peaceful protests? WE THE PEOPLE will begin fighting back. It's not the police you need to worry about. It's the man whose store you looted. The man whose flag you stole and burned. The son of the man you beat or killed. Call it vengeance... call it revenge. I call it American Pride.

Matthew 1 weeks

Unconstitutional? The only thing unconstitutional here is the protests not “peacefully protesting” which means it’s fair game for the police to do what they need to control the situation given it’s not “peaceful”.

Doug 1 weeks

The sad truth is that these protestors will get their payday no matter what crimes they may have committed during the proteats.

ben 1 weeks

Rioters get what they deserve from the thin Blue line, that's that. Grow up.

Hugzdeeznutzz 1 weeks

This comment section is full of bootlickers

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

National Gaurd Green Light these terrorists

S 1 weeks

They're criminals. No one cares.

Alana 1 weeks

It’s about time.

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