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Alabama drug test collection lab owner jailed for forging test results

Alabama drug test collection lab owner jailed for forging test results

Owner of a laboratory responsible for collecting and forwarding drug test samples from recovering drug users has been sentenced for 15 years imprisonment for forgery and felony perjury. The owner had forged test results in order to save money, and the falsified positive results caused multiple parents to lose custody of their children. The owner was arrested in 2019 and admitted to wrongdoing.

James Johnson
James Johnson 1 weeks

Life in prison. She potentially ruined these people's lives, families, and financial situations.

HueHueo Suezo
HueHueo Suezo 1 weeks

Your kids get taken from you, you go to rehab to get your life back on track, and get your kids back, and then despite doing everything right, some sick woman fakes a positive drug test for you, and your kids are adopted out to some stranger you'll never know. This woman is a terrible, despicable human being.

snarley 1 weeks

Wow.......capitalism at its finest. "My business needs to be making me money....not costing me then....where to cut corners?"

James 1 weeks

What a complete free loading, narcissistic skank. "I didn't mean to hurt anyone". Yeah, sure - just more lies and a pathetic attempt to manipulate matters further.

ben 1 weeks

Probably no licensing required for this kind of operation in the South...

Huntress 1 weeks

Most times with CPS the parent has to pay for the drug test themselves which is why when they test positive for drugs they never did it isn’t easy/affordable for them to get a second test from a different location. Either way, if this happened to me and my children were on the line I’d go into debt to prove I was clean.

porcus 1 weeks

Thos person should be fined heavily, made to compensate the people affected, and perform community service for several years. Abhorrent.

Josh 1 weeks

I lived in alabama my whole life and I'll just say that is just the tip of the iceberg with our curupt legal system down here for one all these city judge's are in on it also anytime you go to court on any little thing down here it doesn't matter if drugs are alcohol is involved in the offense that your accused of the first thing they do is make you do the drug texting where you are made to pay out your ass on the tests so I don't wanna here that she's the only one involved in the scam

Jack 1 weeks

C u next Tuesday.

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