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Mexico passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths

Mexico passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths

Mexico has become the fourth country to cross the 100,000 threshold for confirmed COVID-19 deaths. It joins the U.S., Brazil and India in the grim milestone. This comes after the country of 126M passed one million coronavirus infections, giving it the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the world. Mexico ranks sixth in per capita deaths, just above Italy and the US.

Tachyon 2 months

In unrelated news, so far this year Mexico has had zero deaths from dementia, heart disease, asthma, or the flu.

Randall 2 months

But, I thought we were number one. [Edit] I demand a recount!

Matt 2 months

Catch up, rookies. Our top politicians in the states are so bad at their job that they infight while we die and go homeless, and your cartels can't even keep up with a death-count race. This is why your people come here, and not usually the other way around. (all in fun. <3 )

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 2 months

Ohhhh lala, the death country run by cartels isint good at managing a health crisis? That's defiently news.

John W
John W 2 months

It's a socialist utopia, how can this happen?😕

Qyonge 2 months

Places where the Truth is less abundant than Pride

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