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Wayne County GOP members rescind votes to certify election, claim bullying

Wayne County GOP members rescind votes to certify election, claim bullying

Two GOP members of the board of canvassers in Michigan’s Wayne County have rescinded their votes certifying the results of the presidential election. Monica Palmer and William Hartmann initially refused to certify the count, before finally reversing that decision on Wednesday. They now complain that they felt pressured into formally certifying the vote count, citing threats and racism.

Kurt 2 months

Fascists believe that violence and the threat of violence is a legitimate political recourse. Dems just showing their true colors.

James T Kirk
James T Kirk 2 months

Good on them for having balls of steel in the face of leftist and media intimidation.

Jellybean 2 months

Making threats to an election official is a serious felony. That would include doxxing. FBI needs to get off their partisan butts and do the correct thing.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

All those right wing, white supremacists, Trump lovers threatening those hard ....wait a minute. Help me out here, aren’t the right the NAZ! Brown shirts?? That’s what the press has been saying. Who let all those right wingers into AntiFa and the Democrat party?

Marcel 2 months

These GOP members should be ashamed... complete disregard of democratic process. The whole GOP should be dissolved and every single one of them prosecuted for treason!

Alex 2 months

Good on them for sticking up for their beliefs rather than giving in to foul threats.

Josh 2 months

Democrats are selling hate and violence

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 months

I just want the truth. If they are just trying to be a thorn in the side of the Dems, it’s disgraceful and a waste of time. But if they really are being threatened, that is despicable. And I hope everyone can agree with that.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

After the were threatened. Can't wait for the Supreme Court to make the rulings. The never ending tsunami of liberal tears will be amazing.

MIDESSA 2 months

Where are the harrassment charges? Not enough to file charges but suddenly they are reversing for pressure? Yeah don't take much to realize where the pressure came from.

John W
John W 2 months

Eric Eggers: Detroit Has 30,000 More Registered Voters than Citizens of Legal Voting Age Detroit has more than 2,500 dead people on its voter rolls, 4,788 registered voters who have been flagged as having potentially registered to vote twice or even three times, and about 16,500 registered voters allegedly do not have dates when they actually registered to vote, according to a lawsuit filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

"Trump's attempts to overturn the election..." -- I nominate this for most biased headline of the week. Seeking to ensure a legitimate vote is the most patriotic and constitutionality correct thing to do, not just for this election, but future elections as well. To hell with the media and their narrative to control public opinion.

Elaine 2 months

Election officials, and others, have received death threats from Trump sycophants, and where the hell is our "law and order" President, and why hasn't he come out and denounced these people, calling them "thugs" and "anarchists"? What about the fact that these people are just trying to do their jobs, in our democratic process, and not only have their lives been threatened, but also the lives of their families, and not one word from Trump, or any Republican for that matter, and you call everyone else communists. Trump is a skeazy pos, and I have no doubt, that Trump did call her, asked her about her safety, then reminded her how quickly things can change. Not only did Trump, and his father, work with the mob back in the day, Trump was all about the Russian mob too, when they came to town. Michigan Republican who balked at certifying election results says Trump called her

Tim 2 months

Bottom line they should just do their job. Who cares if it's not the person they want to be president. The people of their state has spoken it should be as simple as that. They don't want to certify election results in a county that's predominantly black but certify them in a county that's predominantly white that has had disparages and discrepancies in almost every election as far back as I have been able to look. And to be honest I have only been able to find information as far back as 2008 but still, the people have spoken. Do your job if even begrudgingly

Zero 2 months

How is being told to do your job and follow the will of the people and certify the 100% legal votes in any way "intimidation"?

Eileeñ 2 months

Trump needs to be put in his bunker they have done just about everything from re count to lawsuits and nothing of what his claiming has emerged at this point is harrassment to the people that are doing their job is about time a judge steps in and stops trump all together even his press Secretary going on fox news to lie day in and day out

Majesticwalker 2 months

I wouldn't doubt they were threatened that they would be suicided. From no one in particular. 🤔

Rocky 2 months

Yes!!!! Way to grow a pair!

Tj 2 months

So tired of this voter fraud conspiracy claims. EVIDENCE submitted = 0. He telegraphed the exact strategy he would be using to discredit the election like a dumb “007” villain. This is exactly why the President Elect was ready for this rubbish. HENCEFORTH MY REBUTTAL: *crickets chirping* *makes eye contact* *does not engage* *continue to make eye contact* Will not concede a response to grown folk whining “life’s not fair”. DISCLAIMER: This may not apply to this report. This is just my copy/paste to all this nonsense.

Marshall 2 months

i feel as if no matter what party for say this instence the libs/dems sent death threats to gop people to not go along, with that i feel as if it should automatically flip due to the amount of facsism that came from those who sent the threats

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