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Disturbing details emerge in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor

Disturbing details emerge in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor

New details emerged about the foiled alleged plot by a terrorist group to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer. The plot was revealed by the Michigan AG’s Office during arguments against the release of Pete Musico, one of 14 men facing state terrorism charges in the case. The group allegedly discussed taking over the state Capitol building and staging a series of televised executions of public officials.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks

This is exactly why the president’s ridiculous rhetoric is dangerous. There are plenty of unhinged people listening and taking it seriously. Good thing he is now sulking in his own self imposed lockdown because he can’t deal with his loss.

Steve 1 weeks

So let's see how many of Trumpets comment on how this outrageous and should be condemned, after all.. LAW AND ORDER!!

John W
John W 1 weeks

That doesn't change her illegal unconstitutional actions. She's just trying to deflect. Look at the shiny keys...

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 1 weeks

This is a distraction, her lockdown policies are ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme Court, she expended these lockdown policies after saying weeks early she "didn't care" what the court ruled, and yesterday had impeachment proceedings filed against her by Michigan Republicans, NOW instead of talking about her impeachment mainstream media is deflecting with "disturbing details" of the foiled kidnapping plot 🙄

John W
John W 1 weeks

Those anarchy flag flying potential kidnappers are lunatics for sure, but so is the governor. The picture above says it all. Those other lunitics didn't actually do anything, but her illegal lockdowns are harming 100s of thousands. I don't favor any particular lunatic. Gov. Whitmer's unilateral extension of COVID-19 state of emergency deemed illegal and unconstitutional by Michigan Supreme Court

Rocky 1 weeks

Sorry if I don't start clutching my pearls over a plot against Whitler. Hopefully she can get a cell close to her attempted abductors when she continues to violate the law and the constitution. The courts need to put her away for contempt of court for directly disobeying a court order. Absolutely hate dictatorial leaders.

swifticus 85
swifticus 85 1 weeks

Just say details have emerged, no need for a personal opinion with the title. (Disturbing) Maybe it is for some but not all.

FishyMacaroon6 1 weeks

Not saying they were in the right, but if more politicians were afraid of being publicly executed by their constituents, they'd probably do a better job while in office.

porcus 1 weeks

Pretty deranged people, for sure. I wonder how much of these plans were proposed by the federal informant though? Who thinks they can [A] get tv stations to broadcast executions, [B] that the general public would celebrate a vile murder like this, and [C] think this option beats all ither LEGAL options, such as lawsuits, protests, voting the tyrant out, etc??

Celia 1 weeks

Some of these comments reflect the misogyny and wilful ignorance of folks who object to Governor Whitmer's compliance with the medically sound and CDC-approved recommendations to save the lives of Michiganders. I take comfort in the fact that because these same people are most likely still ignoring these safety precautions, i. e., wearing masks, socially distancing, etc., there will be a whole lot fewer of you by the beginning of the year. Happy New Year!

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 1 weeks

Omg so much cope...why would leftists want to execute a democratic governor?? Do you even know what anarchocapitalists are holy shit the newsvoice community is dumb. Literally the leader of this group was posting about killing commies...not a very lefty position! Lol

Aleksandr 1 weeks

I keep hearing the left are the radicals...I’m inclined not to believe these statements. But if you call providing healthcare and education to the “have-nots” so that it may give them a chance against the wealthy? Sure I’m radical. But at least I’m not part of the Terrorist Right.

Alana 1 weeks

Michigan. Come on. I wish I didn’t know you so well. The men that have roots in this state have many many problems. The first is a huge untrained and uneducated volume of people that had no where to go after the auto industry fell. Many of them coming from Kentucky after the coal mines ended or drawn to Detroit for jobs in factories post-war. Think about why you are hurting and actually elect leaders who care about you rather than this.

andrew 1 weeks

Does anyone have a link to the Woverine Minutemen manual/manifesto? It would probably be more productive to unpack their actual beliefs than to blindly accuse the right or left of wrongdoing.

Rafael 1 weeks

They lock these rightwing terrorist up for life. These are the people that trump and the gop protect.

Burger 1 weeks

This some straight up taliban stuff. They should be treated like the terrorists they are. I say we lock them up at gitmo and forget about them.

Aleksandr 1 weeks

It’s all very disturbing, but the fact they got caught so quickly tells me that these Clown-Shoes were never smart enough to carry this whole thing out

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 1 weeks

Trumpsters are hilarious and need to engage their brain some times. The Militia men turned up and occupied Michigan Capitol, was praised by Trump. The right praised them. The Militia prospective kidnappers are right wing nut jobs, nothing more nothing less and Trump supporters.

kin 1 weeks

Am I the only one who supports overthrowing tyrannical politicians and governments? What that governor was doing was tyrannical by all belief and their courts already agreed with that, but the government does nothing to hold her accountable. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority, but these guys didn’t do anything wrong. Someone has to bring justice, and when the government doesn’t hold itself accountable it’s the peoples responsibility to do so.

Jim 1 weeks

Don’t care !

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