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Romney slams Trump over effort to ’subvert’ will of people

Romney slams Trump over effort to ’subvert’ will of people

Sen. Romney ripped President Trump Thursday, saying he had failed to make ’even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before a court of law’ pertaining to the election. ’The President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people,’ he added. Romney had previously said he did not have a problem with Trump challenging the results.

Rocky 1 weeks

Can romney just switch to the Dem party already? What a dis grace. He is constantly letting his personal d!sdain for Trump outweigh his !ntellect. Pa thet tick (yes I know it's spelled wrong, this censorship is ridiculous) I really don't even know how this comment could be construed as a violation of any of the guidelines.🤷🏾‍♂️🤪

Typical inbred Repub
Typical inbred Repub 1 weeks

Breaking: Romney makes occasional sane statement. far-right lunatics on this app: “VOTE HIM OUT! DONNY Tramp IS the repub party! Tee-hee!”

Qyonge 1 weeks

There is legal action, and there is illegal action. In the USA it is not "end justify the means" the actual motto is "IN GOD WE TRUST"

Matt 1 weeks

Everyone needs to start calling out their parties. I'm sitting here in the center trying not to care about politics, but everyone is screeching all the time about the other team. It dragged me in, in a way I never wanted. But it's all people talk about now. Democrats, start calling out extremist violence on your side. Republicans, stop defending Trump at this point. Choose peace, not victory. Someone has to be better, or you're all just dragging us down. Yes the country has problems, but we should put the swords away and keep using the pen that got us this far ahead of our past already. Both sides need to understand the difference between facts, and truth. The facts are out there. Generically, people are angry all the time because they don't have facts, or because they have them (or think they have them), and are frustrated by the knuckle-dragging. It's not easy for a blind man to judge appearances, but if feels like it's everyone's hobby now.

Tiktator 1 weeks

The will of the people starts in January. So calm down have a seat and let it play out.

TexasReb 1 weeks

Vote Romney Out!!!!!! RINO!

ProveTheVotes 1 weeks

Romney is a sorry excuse for a Republican

John W
John W 6 days

Detroit canvasser that was threatened speaks out

nsmith2016 1 weeks

Let the Republican Civil War begin!!

Mpcooner 1 weeks

This guy just needs to become a democratic and get it over with.

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