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Perdue profited from a Navy contractor’s stock while overseeing the Naval fleet

Perdue profited from a Navy contractor’s stock while overseeing the Naval fleet

According to Senate records, Sen. Perdue bought shares in a Navy contractor just before becoming chairman of a Senate armed services panel in 2019. Perdue became chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower in mid-Jan. 2019. In the six weeks before he took the panel’s helm, Perdue accumulated between $32K and $305K worth of stock in BWX Tech. He made between $15K and $50K in profit.

Tiktator 1 weeks

Isn't it safe to assume every politician does inside trades based on knowledge they get in advance. Do people honestly think all these politicians become millionaires on the government salary? Its poopy and I wish it wasn't the case but you can't really stop people from serving their own interests first. You won't change human nature

Jon 1 weeks

Progressives have been trying to pass laws to keep money our of politics but Republicans obviously have zero interest in that.

Robert 1 weeks

What can you say, he’s a perfect SLIMEBALL and it’s time to toss him. He just made millions on secret insider information, he bought stock in a submarine manufacturing company, then he awarded contracts to them . Needless to say with the government contracts their stock soared overnight. He sold his shariat a massive profit.

Coach Steve
Coach Steve 1 weeks

The info was always available just no one cares about senators making money on the side. I wish there wa commission that went afyer ALL OF THR CORRYOT SENATE

Jerry 1 weeks

I thought insider trading was legal for congress people?

Jim 1 weeks

Congrats you just surpassed the number of serious inquiries initiated by the media into Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings. At this point I don’t care who is stealing what from whom and it’s not because of politicians it’s because of our bias media, they and they alone have failed all of us. They are no longer public advocates they are political advocates- liberal for the most part

ben 1 weeks

Joe Biden profited from the CCP while PA workers lost their life's work...

Lost 1 weeks

Not saying I believe but, a questionable capitalist is better than a socialist/Communist any day.

Billy 1 weeks

I thought Trump was going to drain the swamp but he's actually supporting this guy.

Doug 1 weeks

He's from Georgia. This is just what Georgia politicians do. Look at the kickbacks Dominion gave out for Georgia to buy their machines.

David 1 weeks

Here we go. A senate runoff and this comes out. Love the timing by the media

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