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Joe Biden turns 78, will be oldest US president to be sworn in

Joe Biden turns 78, will be oldest US president to be sworn in

Joe Biden, who turned 78 today, is set to become the oldest president in America’s history when he is inaugurated in this January. However, as of now, President Donald Trump remains the oldest president to be sworn in, at 70 years and 220 days old. Before Trump, Ronald Reagan was the oldest to be sworn in as the president, who was 69 years and 348 days old on Inauguration Day.

ProveTheVotes 1 weeks

So in 4 years he’ll be 82, and the left isn’t concerned about his mental health? He’s already unable to complete a thought without getting sidetracked or saying something that would be deemed very offensive (if ANY republicans said it)... oh that’s right, it’ll be Commie Harris the first black/Indian/Asian/woman dictator of the U.S.S.A, good job liberals

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 weeks

In other news, Joe Biden calls a lid on the next 4 years. Leaves a note saying, "If anyone needs anything, just contact Kamala or Nancy."

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 weeks

The best the Democrats could offer is a 78 year old man who can barely speak and remember where he is at most times, has a history of getting upset at voters and reporters when being asked questions he doesn't like, has a history of being creepy around young girls and women in general. Has faced many accusations of using his office to enrich himself and his family, has a history of making racist remarks and passed the 1994 crime bill. Had to drop of the 1988 DNC primary because he committed plagiarism. He has been in office for 47 years and hasn't done anything

Satan411 1 weeks

Once Kamala is president she will require all white people to change their race description to "Saltine American".

David 1 weeks

That's another reason why the left slid him in there, so his VP will take over. If you don't believe that you ain't left!

Montgomery 1 weeks

The plan was always to get conservative votes through Biden, and then to have him retire after a few months to make way for Harris and the green new deal and maybe even a socialism roadmap

Donald 1 weeks

Biden's daughter depicts his molestation in her diary

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Not going to happen

Reason 1 weeks

World’s oldest to succeed world’s densest.

Montgomery 1 weeks

You can tune in to hear his latest speech on the record player

Andrew 1 weeks

Anyone with half a brain knows he is just a place holder for Kamala the establishment's true choice.

Patrick 1 weeks

Am I the only one who sees a huge problem with picking leaders in this country? We are CONSTANTLY being led by old people. WTF. Hmmm, l'll have to put some thought into the psychology behind this phenomena. Perhaps it is linked to the absurd self importance Americans put on themselves (selfies, cosmetic surgery, etc.) and a desire to live forever. In the search for immortality, Americans keep pushing the envelope electing older and older leaders.

Csaba 1 weeks

Dont think he will be in office long!

Seekster 1 weeks

Taking bets on how long it takes for the articles suggesting that maybe Kamala should take over to appear.

ben 1 weeks

not yet...

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