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Dominion rubbishes Trump legal team claims

Dominion rubbishes Trump legal team claims

Reacting to allegations made by President Trump’s team of lawyers, who alleged election fraud and foreign interference conducted through the voting software, election tech firm Dominion Voting Systems said ’the latest flood of absurdities is deeply concerning.’ ’Dominion is plainly a non-partisan American company with no ties to Venezuela or Cuba,’ the firm added.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

Well they aren't going to f'ing come out and say "aw shucks, you got us, our machines are easily hacked and prone to failure" are they?

E n
E n 1 weeks

While the statement from dominion proves nothing, the unsubstantiated claims from the Trump camp also prove nothing. Whole lot of nothing going on.

Rocky 6 days

How? By not showing up to defend their system in the when they previously agreed to meet with the election committee. Lawyering up and not cooperating with authorities is not exactly guilt free behavior.😂🤣 http////fox56.c/m/ne/s/loc/l/republican-lawmakers-raise-questions-after-dominion-voting-system-backs-out-of-meeting

Tachyon 1 weeks

"This is all rubbish!" they said as they packed up and disappeared like roaches when the lights come on! No one scrubs their presence as heavily as they've been doing because they're innocent. Not just online but their Toronto office was emptied overnight.

ben 1 weeks

A company that does business with governments and denies any wrong doing or fraud claims...I am in the US, right?

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 1 weeks

Lol a company denying allegations, wow... must be legit. Like cnn fact checking itself with its own internal source.

Randall 1 weeks

I think Trump knows for sure that there was fraud in this election because he did it to assure his victory. It was supposed to work but it failed so of course the Dem's cheated. It's the only way they could have beaten his cheat.

James Jones
James Jones 4 days

All software and hardware for voting machines must be open source to prevent this kind of subversion of elections.

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