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Senator Rick Scott tests positive for Covid-19

Senator Rick Scott tests positive for Covid-19

Senator Rick Scott, Republican from Florida, has tested positive for Covid-19. Scott, 67, said he had previously tested negative before receiving a positive result on Friday morning. Scott said he had mild symptoms and had been feeling good. He said he would continue to work from his home in Naples. He is the second senator after Senator Chuck Grassley, 87, to contract Covid-19 this week.

ToddBundy 1 weeks

Republicans getting Covid is hilarious. They played down the pandemic and publicly shamed mask wearers and now we are supposed to feel sorry for them. lol F em! Covid is real! Wear a mask!

Aleks 1 weeks

Wait a minute... but wasn’t this a hoax?

John W
John W 1 weeks

It's like 1% so good luck fake liberals.

Typical inbred Repub
Typical inbred Repub 1 weeks

Please please please please if there is a god...

America 1 weeks

This should be local news.

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