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Gunman takes up to nine people hostage in Georgia capital Tbilisi

Gunman takes up to nine people hostage in Georgia capital Tbilisi

An unidentified gunman has taken up to nine people hostage at a microfinance organization in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on Friday. It was not immediately clear what the gunman’s demands were. Police have cordoned off the area around the building. Further details are awaited.

Alpha 150
Alpha 150 1 weeks

Oh, that Georgia.

porcus 1 weeks

Wow. The sheer number of rëtärded Leftists who are utterly unaware that this is the nation of Georgia - as in the former USSR birthplace of Joseph Stalin - is big sad. Far far far too many of them think this gunman is a *Trump supporter*, here in the US. Too many headline skimmers on the Left.

Jordan 1 weeks

Nice clickbait!

Jarrett 1 weeks

More click bait BS...

Lola 1 weeks

No matter who it is or what it’s about, hopefully it ends soon, with no one getting hurt and the gunman placed in custody! Damn, the country is going through enough b.s. already!!!

Aleksandr 1 weeks

Prob demand that they give Georgia to Biden.

Randy 1 weeks

Georgia must change its name. Can we agree on that? I don't care about distant Georgia. I only care about better Georgia.

Fonky Munk
Fonky Munk 1 weeks

Probably just mad about BLORGIA

Corey 1 weeks

It should be written, "Gunman takes 9 hostages in Georgia... the other one"

Sumarious 1 weeks

Guns are so great!

George 1 weeks

Meth is a nasty drug

Drewfus 1 weeks

For a second there, I thought something went down in Georgia, USA over election results lol

snarley 1 weeks

Who wants to bet this guy is a Trump supporter all gassed up over this joke we call a presidency making ridiculously empty accusations?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 weeks

😒 and here I was thinking this was national news, not international...

Chris 1 weeks

Maybe put Tbilisi in the headline?

porcus 1 weeks

WTH is a "microfinance organization"? A Georgian loanshark, a bank, something else?

Doug 1 weeks

What people won't do to get a McDonald's in their area. Shameless.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 1 weeks

And in other news, gunmen takes enitre population hostage in 2nd lockdown in Scotland...

david dindu
david dindu 1 weeks

Alt title: after failed hand recount gunman takes 9 hostage in the other georgia

Elizabeth 1 weeks

It is a difficult example of freedom; in Communism that sort of thing a. Wouldn't go down or b. No one would hear about it.

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