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Iranian allies on high alert as Trump enters final few weeks in office

Iranian allies on high alert as Trump enters final few weeks in office

Iranian allies across the Middle East have been instructed by the nation to be on high alert, as President Trump enters his final weeks in office. Iran has reportedly told its allies to not take any steps which might provoke the US and could give the Trump administration cause to launch attacks against Iran or its allies. Trump’s election defeat has been welcomed collectively by Iranian allies.

David 1 weeks

Lol... It's the war hawks that you need to worry about if Biden gets back in office. They want that war machine turning again. They tried it with Trump but he wouldn't bite, Obama sure did though!

Matt 1 weeks

It's easy to blame the other guy when you're about to do something bad. Speculation implied. Also, want to see what unprovoked hostility looks like? Might want to look at a list of military actions the US has taken, and who was in the leadership at the time. President and congress. Taking advantage of you is how the Republicans roll. Taking advantage of others is how the Democrats roll. Two sides, same ancient, expired coin.

Jerry 1 weeks

A false flag event would get the Biden regime off to a good start.

Rocky 1 weeks

Is this a future article? We don't know when Trump will leave office yet. Should wait to print this after Dec 14th. Why would they be scared of the only president in 40 years to not start a war in his first term in office? He has had plenty of opportunities to engage in conflicts. That is clearly not what he does.

WWG1WGA 1 weeks

Glass parking lot🤔

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