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GOP cannot let Trump’s ’reckless’ post election claims stand: Former Senator

GOP cannot let Trump’s ’reckless’ post election claims stand: Former Senator

Bob Corker, the former Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairperson has urged fellow Republicans to bat down President Trump’s unfounded claims that the presidential election was ’rigged’. The statement was made by Corker by Rudy Giuliani and other members Trump’s legal team claimed at a news conference that they have evidence of a ’massive fraud’ that tilted the results of the election.

E n
E n 1 weeks

Lick Trumps boots or you're a RINO, its the name of the game in the current GOP.

Reason 1 weeks

The nerve of Romney having a personal opinion! RINO!!!! This is our (soon to be former) president of the United States, everyone. Name calling and whining and nervous breakdowns.

Rocky 1 weeks

Why are so many willing to turn a blind eye to the fleecing of our election system? Confidence will not be restored without an in depth investigation and rooting out the source of the historical number of discrepancies and abnormalities in this election. These are systematic problems pervasive through our entire nation. We need to re-establish the fact that my vote counts just as much, but no more than my neighbor's vote. Mr. Corker needs to confront the reality that 47% of Americans have lost faith in the election system (30% of Dems and 70% of his own party have lost faith). Brushing that under the rug and attempting the "nothing to see hear" routine will have disastrous results.

Randall 1 weeks

Dippy Donny knows the election was rigged because he rigged it. The fact that the Dem's won is all the proof he needs to know that they must have cheated.

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