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Kyle Rittenhouse released from jail after posting $2M bail

Kyle Rittenhouse released from jail after posting $2M bail

Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of killing two people and injuring a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin has been released after posting a $2 million bail. Rittenhouse, who is 17, was charged as an adult with two counts of first-degree homicide and one count of attempted homicide along with charges of reckless endangerment and being a minor in possession of a firearm.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

This is great news. Now to prove his actions were self defense. And when that happens, sue the holy living hell out of all the news outlets that falsely reported on this.

Rocky 2 months

Well deserved for a wrongly charged young man trying to make a better world! Enjoy your holidays!

Jackson 2 months

I'm a leftist and I agree that Rittenhouse was acting in self defense, from what I've seen, he hesitated to shoot each time, only doing so when his attackers persisted. However, I have not seen what initially started these events, so I'm open to changing my mind.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Only in America would the right come together to help pay for a terrorists to be set free.... Yay America just set terrorists free why stop there come on right wing nut jobs what other terrorists do you all wanna set free?

Rocky 2 months

Haha. I'm sure he did. What a load of bull. He has the strongest case of self defense in the history of self defense. This was minutes after the shooting while he was still in full fight or flight panic mode. He was quickly brought back to reality. Now having some of the best lawyers available to represent him and the financial support of millions of Americans I'm sure his confidence level is just fine. Hope he has a fantastic holidays at home with his family.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 2 months

How about you call him by his name? Oh right, that would humanize him. I always maintain that people should be referred to by their name, as dehumanizing them only invites violence. Let the court find out if he’s guilty or not, and everyone else should just wait instead of condemning him before he’s even been through trial.

Archie 2 months

Why does he look so sweet & innocent while Obama & Kamala look so sinister... I can't put my finger on it but there's something about them not quite white...

Heydrich Was Right
Heydrich Was Right 2 months

Good! He's a U.S. Patriot just standing up for his country, his state and his fellow Americans and himself. God bless him.

michael 2 months

Kyle carried a weapon he was not legally allowed to own across state lines. With the intent and foreplanning to commit murder on anybody he considered to be a rioter. then, after committing said murder, he was chased by locals. When the locals defending their neighborhood caught up to this domestic terrorist invader, they attempted to subdue him. Perhaps kill him for the murder he committed. He killed one, the rest fled. Then kyle proceeded to EMPTY HIS CLIP INTO THE RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD that conservatives think guns will protect. He fired wildly into a neighborhood full of innocent civilians. This boy who wished he were a man should be tried as an adult.

Alt nothing
Alt nothing 2 months

Looks like the right have been thrown a little Hopium to help them cope. Imagine cheering and celebrating a kid whose killed people.

Somebody 2 months

He can just post 2 mil like that? That lawyer is making a killing! 🙈💰💰💰🤑🤑

Archie 2 months

Why are Antifa & the left against school shooters but pro mask? Our kids should bravely face the firing squad in school & not hide behind masks like sheep. More guns less kids!

TrumpistBurnt 2 months

Little POS terrorist deserve a Death sentence.

karl 2 months

"Let me use my friend's gun, which I'm too young to own, go into a town over where I expect violence to occur, egg the protesters on, then shoot a few of them and call it self defense."

Barry 2 months

When a murderers your hero you might have to look in the mirror and rethink your life

Randall 2 months

Awe. He looks so cute and sweet. How could this innocent looking little boy kill somebody? He couldn't hurt a fly. The worse thing this little boy did was spill his milk. /s

Bernice 2 months

Looks like either a lot believe he’s innocent or a really rich person believes he’s innocent. Either way, that’s good news.

WorkingMan 2 months

This poor kid going to go to jail for at least 20 years for listening to insane alt right nut bags. It's a shame how right-wing media and their propaganda brainwashes the youth.

Dave 2 months

I feel sorry for Kyle, regardless of the reason he does have to live his life knowing he killed two people. That's going to weigh on his mind. Once the media stop trying to dogpile him and everything has quietened down, that is going to start putting him in a dark place. He needs counselling just like when a cop has to take a life. He's only 17, the shooting on top of being vilified by the media and actively hated by millions of people, that's going to take its mental toll on the poor kid.

D. 2 months

If George Zimmerman can get off for killing a teenage black kid that made him fear for his life, in the name of the neighborhood watch, then this kid can definitely beat a murder charge. He will most likely be convicted of the under age gun charge, but that's nothing if they convict him as a minor on that charge. Yup good old God fearing conservative America wont send this kid to pokey for life. Thank god he didnt shoot any black people tho, that would be a whole other issue.

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