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Small-dollar fundraising outreach set up by Biden transition team

Small-dollar fundraising outreach set up by Biden transition team

The transition team of President-elect Joe Biden has stepped up its outreach to small dollar donors as it looks to offset a lack of funds from the Trump administration as it refuses to recognize Biden’s victory. The transition team sent an email to donors, and specifically cited the General Services Administration’s (GSA) refusal to ascertain Biden as the president-elect.

Tom A
Tom A
Nick 1 weeks

This guy is insane. Ask for more money for transition ing into president, then when he gets in he will raise our taxes. This guy is off his rocker. He can use some of his money he raised during campaigning. I doubt he spent it all. He should just ask his corporate donors for a little more I am sure they wouldn't mind.

Diddy 1 weeks

This is what you gullible idiots voted for. An American fraudulent businessman who will sell you out at the first instance. He'll raise taxes, take away rights and you have to remember that your TDS was so bad that you chose THIS alternative.

ben 1 weeks

what? They won and they are now collecting more?? nice.

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