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Global map of bees created to assist conservation efforts

Global map of bees created to assist conservation efforts

Scientists have mapped the distribution of all 20,000 known bee species. The new global map of bees will aid the conservation of the insects that pollinate our crops, say researchers in Singapore and China. Bee populations are facing pressure from habitat loss and pesticides use. Bees are essential to our ecosystems and are the major pollinators of many plants including some staple foods.

Doug 2 months

If interested in seeing what bees are in your area - and contributing your observations - I invite you to check out iNaturalist:

Elizabeth 2 months

Albert Einstein was concerned about the bees staying alive . Essential part of the Food Chain..

Unity.Nat 2 months

Bees arn't the only pollinators. Sure they may face trends of decline and growth but there are many other species that do the job just fine

Donald 2 months

5G kills bees, they've already videoed it live

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