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Senator Kelly Loeffler accused of violating ethics rules

Senator Kelly Loeffler accused of violating ethics rules

Sen. Kelly Loeffler was criticized after she reportedly requested for campaign funds while speaking in the halls of Congress. This is a potential violation of Senate ethics rules. She will face off against Democrat Raphael Warnock in a runoff election in January. Warning Georgia conservatives, she said ’hundreds of millions of dark, liberal money is pouring into our state’ ahead of the contest.

Tom A
Tom A
Jim 1 weeks

C’mon Democrats ! Need y’all to take The Senate as well, it’s the only way to keep you out of office in the future. Biden won’t be able to blame his lack of progressive movement on Republicans and if he adopts all the completely stupid ideas AOC pushes it will ruin the party forever. For the future of the country we must sadly face 4 years of hardship. You liberals hated Trump so bad I’m willing to endure almost anything just so you can show us how bad your policies really are.

Suzi 1 weeks

Democrats are openly advocating that rich liberals move to GA for a couple of months specifically to dilute the homegrown conservative vote. There are no ethics on either side...but, in this case the left has seriously outdone itself. This is a case of pointing out her freckle while hiding behind your giant oozing infected cyst.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 weeks

She's a republican she's probably a nut job like most are.

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