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Nearly 1 million in China inoculated with experimental vaccine

Nearly 1 million in China inoculated with experimental vaccine

Almost 1 million people in China have been administered an experimental COVID-19 vaccine developed by the state-owned pharmaceutical Sinopharm. The inoculations were done as part of an emergency-use scheme authorized by Beijing. Sinopharm is yet to provide a solid clinical evidence of the vaccine’s efficacy.

Matt 6 days

I thought they only had 86,414 cases (, others)? Why use an experimental drug at that rate? Unless ... noooo ... the Chinese government wouldn't lie, right?

David 6 days

I wonder if their social credit score went up for taking it? Coming to a country near you!

Randall 1 weeks

And all we've got is a symptom suppressant that we're calling a "vaccine". However, suppressing the symptoms may keep some from getting deathly ill but it does NOT protect you from catching the coronavirus. This effect may also lead us into a false sense of security which may lead to even greater outbreaks.

IvoryDove 6 days

"We discovered a side effect of the vaccine. It makes you sterile. As a result of this finding, we are moving to widespread adoption of the vaccine in the Uyghur region!"

Patrick 6 days

Noice! Anxiously awaiting the use of the vaccine created 10 years ago, the Chinese now can finally put it to use. Brilliant execution! Not only is Covid 19 a beautiful weapon in that it causes havoc on the enemy's health and economy, but it becomes a mega mega money maker launching the vaccine! Welcome to WWIII everybody!!!

TheMadDane 6 days

"Part of an emergency use scheme"....yeah, everything sounds like it's on the up and up. Totes legit.

Konnie 5 days

Honestly, when is the resistance going to start coming together before it’s too late. Lmk

Kitten 6 days is this how the zombie apocalypse starts?

Flitch 6 days

Comming to a country near you. Wherever you live, check to see if your leaders have ruled out the possibility of mandatory vaccination. I haven't heard of a single country that has rejected the idea.

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