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Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for COVID-19

Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for COVID-19

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week. According to a spokesman for Trump Jr., he was asymptomatic and following quarantine guidelines.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Per CDC data for a person in his age group, there have been 4554 deaths from a population of 41.6 million. That is 0.011%, so seems very likely he'll be OK. Ref:

Mozgus 2 months

Weird to see lefties laugh at repubs getting covid, when it always hurts their cause, because repubs don't have a motivation to PRETEND it's anything worse than the flu. He'll probably have barely any symptoms and all the lefties who believe in this boogie man will once again be deveatated he survived.

IvoryDove 2 months

The media glowed as they announced this like its "Trump's fault" and then they announced eight 911 operators in a facility all came down with COVID-19 as if its no big deal, it's going around. The 911 operators definitely had masks and all the precautions. It's a virus.

Bryan_with_a_why 2 months

How about you let us know when someone doesn't test positive. It's not a surprise anymore. Most of us have already had it, whether we realized it or not.

Mela13 2 months

He'll have the best care and treatments. He'll have doctors dedicated to caring for Just him. He will be fine. Then just like daddy try to pretend his experience is what everyone one else experience. While meanwhile majority of the people are lucky to share their doctor with only 10 other people

James 2 months

In Calgary, Alberta we had two males in their 30s die this week from Covid, so never underestimate what can happen. There are also a number of cases in the world where there are long term issues. I don't particularly like Don jr. but I do wish him well and a speedy recovery with no long term problems.

Steve 2 months

Hahahahahahaha. I wonder if he's going to be as vague as his Dad about when he tested positive.

Doug 2 months

Big deal. In other news, my redneck neighbors' boxer chased my Ubereats driver away and now I can't get Ubereats to deliver to my house.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 2 months

Disgusted by those wishing him ill. Especially disgusting is that they advocate for all kinds of morality in general. I hope him and _all_ others (regardless of their political views) who have virus, recover swiftly without any side effects.

Karlo 2 months

A positive test is not a diagnosis, but since it seems like a test result is the only indication he has it there's probably not much else to go on.

Jack 2 months

Some good news for the day. Watch him get the same stem cell based treatment and daily tests his cheeto father got. And yet we in the lower class barely able to get 1 test every few months. Hes not more important than us. Hell, we do more than hes ever lifted a finger to do. Daddys millions sure give you a leg up in the world.

Celeo 2 months

Unbelievable daddy & wify had COVID19 stop using covid as a distraction tactic

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

Still think Coronavirus is a hoax?

shawn 2 months

In my opinion couldn’t have happened to a better person. I hope that he does not survive.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 2 months

Give him some remdesivir.

Heydrich Was Right
Heydrich Was Right 2 months

This just in... It's no dangerous than the flu. So hopefully he recovers quickly.

wil 2 months

Omfg no one cares

Shakespeare 2 months

Get well soon fellow human.

eric 2 months

Karma baby

eric 2 months

wear mask you a hole

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