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Trump to participate in G20 summit

Trump to participate in G20 summit

US President Donald Trump will be attending the G20 Summit this weekend, which will be conducted online. The summit, which was originally set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will be chaired by King Salman. It is unclear what events the president will participate in exactly.

snarley 2 months

Can we not and say he did? Let's be done with him already, 4 years in the toilet was more than enough. Not to mention the fact that the very few things he did, almost all de-humanizing to immigrants, gerriatrics, soldiers, people of color, and indigent folks will be thrown out as soon as Biden gets in.

iTeraByte 2 months

He skipped the pandemic preparedness portion of G20 in favor of golf. Yet people support him, suggesting that he cares about them, their protection, and the nation. All of which is proven false as we mourn the deaths of +250K citizens cause by his ineptitude. Then, to make matters worse, on his way out the door, he has launch an all out attack on our democracy, convincing the weak-minded that the system isn’t to be trusted. The last four years have been the more turbulent times I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m not completely certain Biden/Harris are the answer, but they are surely a step in the right direction.

Charles 2 months

He will attend photo shoot and disappear to go golfing. Won’t know a thing about what was discussed at conference.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 2 months


Charles 2 months

Not more than a photobomb.

Mike 2 months

You mean he's not playing golf?

AverageAussieMan 2 months

I wonder if he’ll learn anything or contribute anything productive 😂

ToddBundy 2 months

What for?

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