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Protests emerge in Brazil after white security guards beat a black man to death

Protests emerge in Brazil after white security guards beat a black man to death

Outside a Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Joao Alberto Silveira Freitas, a black man of 40 was repeatedly punched in the face by two white security guards. Freitas lost his life which led to a surge of protesters take to the streets. Demonstrators chanted slogans outside the supermarket, some of which entailed, ’the color of my skin doesn’t define me.’

Marcos 2 months

Nobody over here is defending the security guys, the are in jail and will be prosecuted for homicida. But this was not about rascism, this is political use of a tragedy. The dead man was paying his itens when there's a disagreement about an item. He got enraged when the female attendant did not agreed with him and was phisically agressive towards her, so she called security. The security guys then were scorting him out of the store when the dead man punched one of the security guys on the face without provocation. There were then the altercation where the security guards excedeed all the limits and commited the crime. The dead man has an extensive police record, with more than 60 prisons, including time for agression of women and of elderly people. Mas, there was a crime, the security men had no right to kill the man, regardless of his past or behaviour, I hope they rot in prison for this. But it was not caused by the victim' s skin colour, ethinic group or anything limeira. It was caused by an over aggressive coward man, a lenient criminal law, a incompetent security hiring process and two power drunk over agressive employees.

Logan 2 months

if your gonna be racist this is the worst of days to do it

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 2 months

What was the reason he was restrained? Was he a thief? Was he harassing women?

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