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US records nearly 200K COVID-19 infections

US records nearly 200K COVID-19 infections

More than 198,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported by health officials in the United States. This once again shattered the global record for the highest number of new Covid-19 infections recorded by any nation in a single day. The country also set a record for hospitalizations, on Friday, with hospitals across the nation reporting critical staffing shortages.

Tom A
Tom A
Randall 2 months

But, "Were rounding the curve" and last summer "it'll all go away, like magic" and last March "only 15 people got it and pretty soon it will be close to zero" and "It's like the flu, 60 thousand people die every year from the flu".

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Does anyone REALLY think America is having worse results than India or China (more densely packed population, higher poverty levels, worse sanitary conditions, less access to medical treatments, greater air pollution, etc....)?

big red cervenka
big red cervenka 2 months

There is a difference between dying with something and dying from something and they already said they r not going to separate the two. I would like to see those numbers

Jordan 2 months

It'd be more accurate if "the guardian" had two labels rather than only the one (Europe). It's an extremely biased Left organization!

Charles 2 months

Even if we are humoring the right and covid is a hoax, I would still expect to see right wing media cover this under due diligence if they have an ounce of credibility

Jackson 2 months

It really disappeared after election day huh?

Chris 2 months

Cool, now do the same thing but with hospitalizations and deaths.

Xavier 2 months

What can we say, America’s gotta be #1

Sydney 2 months

I have three roommates. When the first one tested positive, my college sent me an email saying thay the Georgia health systems had been aware of my case and recorded it. When the second roomate tested positive, I got the same email again. I never tested positive. (In fact I received two negative results). Was I still added to this running tally of infections? The email made it seem like I was. (Twice)

Colin 2 months

I thought Trump said COVID-19 was going to disappear the day after the presidential election?

John W
John W 2 months

New heights? New heights in testing. April was way worst but less testing. 200,000 a day in April. Now almost up to 2 million a day now. 9% test positive on average, false and real. More tests more counted cases.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

Not surprised at all the dancing sickness.

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