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Trump attends the 2020 G-20 summit but does not participate in pandemic session

Trump attends the 2020 G-20 summit but does not participate in pandemic session

US President Donald Trump on Saturday did not participate in a virtual G-20 session on global response efforts to the coronavirus, Trump participated in the opening ceremonies of the virtual summit, but later went to his golf course in Sterling, Virginia.

Hannibal 6 days

And? I'm still waiting for the punchline. The G-20 agenda is mere back-slapping and window-dressing for the rubes. We have yet to see anything akin to a solution for a real global pandemic aside from creepy discussions of international immunization certificates and international coordination of media censorship and "fake" news suppression. Does the US benefit in any way from this charade aside from mere appearances?

Rebecca 6 days

Trump continues to be himself...a hide your head in the sand, pretend leader who fears facing reality. & No doubt fears facing leaders he doesn't want to talk to since he lost the election.

V!!!!! 6 days

He has to keep his priorities straight. Economy of the country or make sure his drive is good

Montgomery 6 days

So we have 2x vaccines that are more than 90% effective and will roll out in weeks... America has already paid for theirs and are getting it ahead of queue... What does un want to discuss? Are they demanding free vaccinations or that America donates all their vaccines to African countries? I'm not sure what the un wants out of this. Note that the un use to be a conglomerate of 1st world countries but currently its a conglomerate of all countries and mostly acts as a platform for small poor countries to outvote prosperous ones when demanding stuff.

Doug Star
Doug Star 5 days

Nero fiddled while ROME burned. So, why even wonder anymore?

E n
E n 6 days

Anyone surprised?

ProveTheVotes 6 days

Maybe he went golfing becuase he likes to golf... but when Obama missed tons of stuff because he chose to go on multi million dollar tax payer funded vacations every month, but libturds aren’t ready to have that discussion... they found another reason to be mad at the Orange man

Shaun 6 days

Well I’m sure he didn’t want to be ridiculed & ignored on the world stage again considering he will no longer be President in less than 2 months so what he would have said carries no weight.

Lost 6 days

Why should he? Let Bbbbbiddddden send someone. He'll be honking on globalist bono soon enough.

Blarpus 6 days

Love how his sycophants applaud him being a lazy pos while the country burns. No wonder why he loves the “uneducated .”

Canna 5 days

Get use to not having a president untill January 20th... Though we haven't really had one the last four years, just a toddler with a constant tantrum. His own wife can't stand to touch him or be near him ffs.

Sharon 5 days

This just shows you how he doesn’t care about American people just cares about his self money and power.

Charles 5 days

And he won’t be heard from again at the Summit. All for PR, nothing for America.

AverageAussieMan 6 days

I come here to laugh at the moronic right wing conspiracy garbage.

Marie 5 days

Trump knows he has nothing of value to contribute to a COVID discussion. He fail our country.

Marie 5 days

I noticed there were no articles from the RIGHT about Trump golfing instead of attending the G20 COVID discussions. Hum wonder why?

Matthew 6 days

My lord, what is the media going to do without Trump in office? Joe falls asleep during nap time doesn't have the same ring to it.

Glen 6 days

If it was me, I'd rather go golfing and let the flu run its course. More lockdowns the longer the pandemic.

Barry 6 days

To be fair it's unlikely he actually cares

porcus 6 days

So? Why would a POTUS be expected at such a thing? Seems like a job for CDC execs.

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