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Election officials in Wisconsin accuse Trump observers of obstructing recount

Election officials in Wisconsin accuse Trump observers of obstructing recount

Election officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin accused observers for U.S. President Donald Trump of seeking to obstruct a recount of the presidential results. County clerk George Christenson has said that a steady stream of Republican complaints was putting the recount far behind schedule. The Trump campaign had requested the recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

Blarpus 2 months

Well Trump humpers hate democracy so it checks out. They have no evidence of voter fraud yet challenge the very fabric of our democratic process like it’s a sports game. Reality needs to slap these people in the face for once.

Rocky 2 months

If you are doing the recount properly what would they have to complain about? Solution seems to be that you just do your job correctly. This is like blaming the teacher for doing your homework over again when it was thrown out for not being done properly the first time.

John W
John W 2 months

Wayne County (Detroit) offered an audit, if allow to finish in March😂. They already said last audit promise was not binding. Ballot audits matter. Related video https///youtu.b//XlCl6wgUctU Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson appeared on MSNBC following the Nov. 17 meeting and stated her office plans on conducting a statewide risk-limiting and local performance audits, but that the Wayne County Board of Canvassers specific request for an independent audit didn’t appeared to be binding. Benson also said the next day that there is no legal mechanism for canvassers to reverse their vote after results have been approved. https///

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 2 months

“Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said that in some cases observers were objecting to nearly every ballot pulled to count, The Associated Press reported.” “Christenson said the complaints were putting the recount behind schedule, and many observers were breaking rules by interrupting vote counters with questions or objections. He called the behavior "unacceptable." “It’s not our job to train their observers on what they’re observing,” he said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “They clearly don’t know what they’re doing and so they keep asking questions. And we’ve said to the Trump campaign, you need to tell your people what you’re looking for here because they’re objecting to every ballot.” This is just embarrassing. Objecting to nearly every ballot and not knowing what they are doing/looking for. The vision I have of these trump poll watchers observing this recount in the primarily black county goes like this: Trumper: “I object to that ballot.” Vote counter: “Why.” Trumper: “Name sounds like it’s a black guy’s.” Rinse and repeat.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Why is there a story about US elections with only foreign news sources?

Jim 2 months

The point of having observers is to allow them to observe the actual Ballot, not push them so far away that all they can see is the operation of counting them

Zach 2 months

Where’s the evidence? Listen if they can provide evidence for these claims then sure but without that it’s just wasting time

Randy 2 months

Sounds like the counters are manufacturing a crisis so they can blame the observers for noticing.

Randall 2 months

It's looking like every single Trump supporter needs to actually count each and every ballot for themselves. Meaning each and every ballot must be personally inspected and signature verified by all 70 million people and each ballot must be approved by all Trump supporters. Then if any ballot does not pass the 70 million person inspection then there needs to be a separate US Supreme court case for each one that got rejected by even one the 70 million person inspection team.

Nunya 2 months

I guess this shows the shear number of invalid votes that were counted first time round.

Chad 2 months

Atleast Republicans aren't out burning crap down, rioting, looting and shooting people. I kinda remember Democrats being slightly steamed about that 2016 election

solodolo 2 months

Oh so this is the voter fraud Republicans were talking about! Oh Ok, I get it now.

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 2 months

So they're doing their job? And forcing the counters to do theirs? Hmm.

Philip 2 months

Why are we not recounting Texas votes it North Carolina or Ohio? What happened there, the votes are wrong and we need to verify all of this fraud that went on.

Alex 2 months

God forbid someone demands the vote happens fairly.

Dino 2 months

What happened to stop the count?

Eric 2 months

They love Putin’s puppet

James 2 months

Get ready for Trumpers to pull the same nonsense in Georgia.

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