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US authorizes emergency use of Regeneron antibody drug

US authorizes emergency use of Regeneron antibody drug

The US Food and Drug Administration has allowed emergency usage of a second antibody drug to fight COVID-19. The drug, produced by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., was also administered to U.S. President Donald Trump when he was sickened last month. According to the FDA, the treatment is meant for mild cases of COVID-19 and not for those who have been hospitalized.

Sigfried 2 months

Huh. Eerily silent in these comment sections. Guess the left pundits are too busy swimming in their hubris on election news to notice that the Orange man won again.

BlueGrover 2 months

@Sigfried, apparently not everyone is as interested in turning everything into a zero sum game as you are.

John W
John W 2 months

Money for super expensive treatments of dubious value, but zero time, money l, or mention of vitamin d. Winter vitamin D levels

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