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Man killed in shark attack in Western Australia

Man killed in shark attack in Western Australia

A 55-year-old man died after being attacked by a shark in Cable Beach, Western Australia. The man had suffered severe injuries and was treated by police officials who had pulled him out of the water. He died at the scene before paramedics arrived. The man was the eighth victim to die by a shark attack this year in Australia.

Shane 5 days

I wonder what's the reason for all the shark attacks this year. Australia normally sees about 1 death per year, while this year there were 8 (the worst since 1929). And this is amidst covid lockdowns too

Michael MB
Michael MB 5 days

They don't come into my living room....I don't go into theirs!

Anonymous 6 days

55-year old man dies of COVID-19 after shark attack!? OMG!

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