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First Americans ’could get vaccine in December’

First Americans ’could get vaccine in December’

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the head of the US coronavirus vaccine program said that the first Americans to receive a Covid-19 vaccine could get it as soon as 11 December. Dr. Slaoui announced that the plan was to ’ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours’ of a vaccine being approved. Data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University reports that the US has recorded 12 million+ COVID-19 cases.

Tom A
Tom A
Matthew 5 days

Very good news. We need to get this country going again. If a vaccine makes people feel more secure, great.

Donald 5 days

Yay!!! Can't wait to submit to the NWO and UN funded Great Reset !!!! Always wanted to be a slave!

Daniel 5 days

Fake news I was told it’s impossible and trump is a lieing nazi for saying it’s possible and the media would never lie to me.

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 5 days

No take it

hugh 4 days

Amazing so it sounds like as soon as the election is over this is just gonna kinda go away....what a surprise

Rose 4 days

As a woman in my 70's with comorbidities, I'm not leaving the house. I have done this since January 27th, when I saw Covid-19 coming from China. I've done it all, worn masks, and gloves when I've been forced to go out. Ordered nearly everything to be delivered, and sprayed all boxes down with alcohol. I've done all this for me, as well as everyone else's health. If you aren't going out mask -less, you can't spread it. I support health workers, and all medical professionals getting the virus first. Second, the patients they are working on should also receive it. Third, people on Dialysis and other severely ill people. I can wait. I'm not suffering, and can handle a few more months inside. I don't understand why people can't exercise a bit of self control without freaking out.

Don'tbackNV 5 days

99% survival rate no vaccine> 95% "efficacy" vaccine

Shane 5 days

Isn't this what Trump was saying all along? So.. yet another lie by fauci and the dems?

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 5 days

It is surprising how many people are unwilling to take the vaccine.

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