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Chris Christie calls for Trump to stop challenging 2020 election

Chris Christie calls for Trump to stop challenging 2020 election

Former Republican governor Chris Christie has said it is time for Trump to stop contesting the results and to concede. He added ’If you’ve got the evidence of fraud, present it’, calling it an ’obligation’. He also described the president’s legal team as a ’national embarrassment’, and their conduct as ’outrageous’. Calls for Trump to concede from Republican figures have grown in recent days.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

Trump was warned about this guy over and over again. Everything Christy did was betrayal. When the Biden fraud is put to rest and Trump takes office the first order of business is culling the traitors out of the Republican party, the firing of the bureaucracy and the trail of the coup members.

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 1 months

Go eat some donuts you RINO

Donald 1 months

Data does not lie. The results are improbable. Investigate or continue to lie...either way the truth will surface so keep calm and carry on.

Marcin 1 months

You have to wonder, who else will have to abandon this circus for the Trump zealots to finally realize they’ve been conned yet again? Will it take Guliani to turn his back? No, he’s just an elite opportunist. How about Pompeo? No, he’s just a deep state shill. What’s the last Jenga pièce guys? Is it Trump himself? Would you believe it even then? 🤣

Jim 1 months

Chris Christie and any other person, who is an attorney at any level, are hypocrites. I agree Trump team should put up or shut up but none of these attorneys would ever nor have they ever presented their evidence to the media prior to presenting it in court. The most famous saying you will get from any of them prior to a trial is exactly what Trumps team is saying. They alleadge wrong doing to the press and then present the facts to the court. Govenor Kemp may or may not have received campaign or other contributions from the company that the state bought the ballot processing from but we won’t know that until someone looks into it. Didnt Christie say over and over he knew nothing about shutting down a bridge ? Then his staff got convicted right ? So I’m assuming what he said in public was disproven in court - the way it’s suppose to be Shut up Christie, let the courts tell us what it is or isn’t. I think that’s the system isn’t it ?

Randall 1 months

As per Donald Trump's own words he beat Hillary Clinton by "a landslide" in 2016 and "Joe Biden is the worst possible candidate the Dem's could come up with". By his own definition Donald Trump lost by a Landslide to Joe Biden. So, Trump, by his own wording, is Worse than "the worst possible candidate in American history" by a landslide. Which means that... ★Donald Trump is the New Hillary Clinton!★ Americans did NOT vote FOR Joe Biden. They voted AGAINST Donald Trump. Donald J. Trump is the Greatest All Time LOOSER in the history of American politics.

mickey 1 months

This IS rediculouse in the extreme. Trump the unChristian zelot for crime NEEDS to STOP his shenanigans grow up and golf on.

Jellybean 1 months

Wonder if Christie has had some "help" from Dominion recently.

MIDESSA 1 months

Let me guess Christy's a closet Democrat and has been all this time, right?

Lee 1 months

Dem in discise. Weak weak weak man.

Steve 1 months

lol one of Trump's supporters breaks ranks and the Trumpets just go crazy.

Robo 1 months

The names of these worthless pieces of trash will never be forgotten. Hopefully they are never elected again, and are ostracised.

Jason 1 months

You mean the guy who shut down jersey beaches and then went to the beach with all his family?

D 1 months

There is a time and place for evidence to be revealed. Who is paying or threatening people to push for conceding? Why the rush? This is the fight for our freedom and our democracy. There is too much discrepancy in key states not to be questioned.

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