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Holocaust museum opens exhibition about the killing of George Floyd

Holocaust museum opens exhibition about the killing of George Floyd

A Holocaust museum in Florida opened an exhibit concerning the death of George Floyd last week. The free exhibit ’Uprooting Prejudice: Faces of Change’ at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center, Maitland, features 45 portraits and quotes, taken by Minneapolis-based photographer John Noltner, from people reacting to the news of Floyd’s death.

Tom A
Tom A
الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي Yesterday

Why? What is the link? Was Floyd a Jew ?

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged Yesterday

Hypothetically speaking, if Floyd's death was a result of a drug overdose, should it be referred to as a killing or a suicide?

Tyrannus Patriarchus
Tyrannus Patriarchus Yesterday

Hanging black and white portraits of those who witnessed Floyd's death is very reminiscent of the black and white portraits of victims that line the halls of the reception centre at Auschwitz, which I doubt is coincidence. As tragic as Floyd's death was, one of the worst atrocities in recent history shouldn't be used as a vessel to ruminate on the death of a druggie career criminal.

Gunter Yesterday

Idk man, was George Floyd killed by Nazis?

Seekster Yesterday

Why? That is like the War in the Pacific Museum opening up an exhibit on Captain Cook...yeah he was a naval captain and yes he sailed in the pacific but the two are otherwise unrelated.

Angry_Face Yesterday

How lovely lol, sadly no amount of pandering will reduce the hate from that community towards the jews, antisemitism is alive and well

John W
John W Yesterday

The opiate epidemic is pretty bad, not a holocaust. approximately 450,000 lives lost to taking opioids between 1999 and 2017. In 2018 alone, there were 67,367 deaths involving opioids

William Yesterday

It's really kind of genius by them to ad a career Criminal with a bag of dope in his possession to their display as most of the people involved in the Floyd riots don't believe that the holocaust happened, so they are taking a page from the Socialist and trying to"flip" a few. Whom would never even have heard about this establishment...PR...

Andromeda Yesterday

I can shed as many tears as needed when I encounter an account of he holocaust. As for Floyd I don't think he deserved what happened but I don't feel anything at all emotionally because he was hardly an innocent to draw any comparison to the holocaust is an insult to the Jewish faith and people. The holocaust was a result of who people were in the face of tyranny. Floyd's death was a result of life choices in the face of the law regardless whether the cops actions were right or wrong.

Jack Yesterday

People celebrate plenty of awful individuals. Caesar committed genocide across modern day France. Napoleon's armies raped and pillaged across Europe. George Floyd is no hero, but he is a popular mascot for activists.

Jim Yesterday

Interesting how this country has progressed over the years. In our zeal to improve the system we seem to have left one major part behind, a conviction in a court of law. There are to many ifs in this case to be writing history lessons at this point. Two medical examiners, drug mixtures, body cams showing him saying he couldn’t breath as he sat in the car untouched. Not saying the cop is innocent, saying that we should actually have a verdict before we tell history stories

Aniolel Seer
Aniolel Seer Yesterday

So disrespectful to true holocaust survival and the Jewish community. No museum should do this.

Maggie Yesterday

Floyd want killed, he sucumed to a heart condition, in a high tense and stressful altercation with police officers, in which he would not subdue. It was discovered that he had illegal drugs in his system at the time as well. Even though the office did have to subdue this man, who put up a struggle,Jewish News is wrong to report he was killed by a "white police officer". Race bating!

saad Yesterday

Can the Holocaust Museum have some history of the Palestinians that have been innocently killed by Israel.

Aniolel Seer
Aniolel Seer Yesterday

Flyodd wasn't a holocaust savior. He isn't even a Jew. This is plain stupid.

Matt Yesterday

Dishonoring a place meant to honor the dead and their legacy is pretty low. Have the exhibit somewhere appropriate. Somewhere that isn't sacred to real victims of real oppression and bigotry and hatred.

Peter Yesterday

Who the fuck is george floyd?

Nate Yesterday

This is absolute bullshit. Ive Been to the Smithsonian Holocaust musuem and when i was just looking at the shoes of all those killed i cried. To cheapen the musuem with a two bit criminal only serves to invalidate their sacrifice of being killed by a criminal. America you are making me more and more embarrassed to be a part of you. The pandering and bullshit needs to stop. You know what two words built america? FUCK YOU! The great thing about america was being able to be in a position of fuck you. To All these generation z brainwashed sheep in the great words of our forefathers, Ill say it loudly, and proudly' FUCK YOU!

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated Yesterday

This place is called "Holocaust Memorial, Resource and Education Center". It is not a museum. And being an education center in this time and place, it does what it does. This energy should be spent on fighting antisemitism which is raising its head all over the place. But that would be going against the wind, in a manner of speaking. So, the educationalists chose this instead. If, indeed, they don't put up displays of other racial injustices that, sadly, are at the arm's reach, they will have failed their own name. Either focus on what is written in your title or don't prefer one injustice to others.

Tirzah Yesterday

Leave it to the incels to paint the victim of a murder as a career criminal in order to disctract from the acts of an actual career criminal = the police

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