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More than 2M Americans ignored CDC plea against flying ahead of Thanksgiving

More than 2M Americans ignored CDC plea against flying ahead of Thanksgiving

More than 2M people traveled by plane in the US this weekend ahead of Thanksgiving — despite health officials urging Americans to nix their holiday travel plans due to the pandemic. There were 1,019,836 passengers who passed through airport security checkpoints Friday, followed by 984,369 on Saturday. The figure was 42% of the number of travelers who were screened last year on the same dates.

Tom A
Tom A
David 1 months

Didn't they just say not long ago that sitting in close proximity to one another in a plane was completely safe?

J 1 months

Everyone..hide in your hidey holes until you're mentally jll, physically unfit, and destitute because the government says so. Btw, 90% of all infections are spread by your hands.

Tiggs 1 months

2 million, how many would usually travel 🤔 I bet it is quadruple that! 2 million is a relative drop in the ocean of the US population. It is easy to assume that all of these travellers are all ignorant to the covid and are spreading it all over the country but that will not be the entire case. The airports and flight companies are all doing their bit to prevent the spread and so are most people,... Most people, just not all..

AD C 1 months

Whenever I read stories like this I remember that while we can flatten the curve, We can't stop the spread of the virus completely. Some people have to go on with their lives and can't wait for a vaccine to come. Heck covid-19 force me to fly back to my home state this summer because it was no longer economicly viable to stay where I was at when the lockdowns first hit. Many of those Thanksgiving passenger could be making a simmillar trip. Even then it's still less then half of the number of people who would normally be traveling.

rick 1 months

Good for them.

Alana 1 months

This is going to be very ugly by New Years. Just an avoidable tragedy.

ken taro
ken taro 1 months

y'all tryna drag this out as long as possible.

edwardo 1 months

Good do not shut down people I repeat do not shut down. It's time for us as a people to make a change to this tyrannical goverment proposal's

slippery ninja
slippery ninja 1 months

2010 Forbes Article "Why the WHO faked a pandemic"... And people forget this easily?

Aaron 1 months

Aaron 1 months

GMA (gag) did a TV report on how SUPER safe air travel was not to longer ago.

MrWizard 1 months

It is their right.

ANTHONY 1 months

American people have the the right to do what they want in the United States of America. We the people gave the government there jobs . God bless America Happy thanksgiving

Glen 1 months

Glad to see people standing up for their freedoms! Let the fear mongers stay home and watch their freedoms disappear. This isn't about the virus anymore, its about control.

Rooted 1 months

Better exercise and get in shape, people! /fit/

Chad 1 months

Keep ignoring them. This isn't Iran. The Government isn't paying your bills and not responsible for your health. Its also a 99.96% survivable rate for Christ sake

J707J 1 months

gee wonder why

Julian 1 months

Boohoo. God forbid people live their lives normally

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