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Biggest musical instrument retailer in the US files for bankruptcy

Biggest musical instrument retailer in the US files for bankruptcy

Guitar Center, the US’ largest musical instrument retailer, is filing for bankruptcy. The chain said it’s filing for Chapter 11 protection as it tries to keep its 269 locations afloat. The 61-year-old retailer was forced to shutter many of its stores in March. It is relying on a $165M infusion of new investments and $800M in reduced debt to try to stay in business.

J707J 1 months

shit i can’t wait till they hit their final sales, i’ll drop 10k easily for a good steal on nice equipment

AverageAussieMan 1 months

I feel like this would be good for the little guys. I prefer to buy from boutique music stores anyway.

Doug 1 months

Fender, OTOH, doing great.

VanityCulture_ 1 months

Oh no! Who's going to play smoke on the water every 25 minutes?

JoeSchmo 1 months

A friend of mine teaches PT at one of their stores He lost 19 out of 20 students due to Covid - GC refused to lay him off and was disqualified for unemployment Fu3K ‘em, they deserve to burn

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist 1 months

Good. GC’s trash.

Arthur 1 months

no chapter 11 for these clowns they owe everyone to much! we need to be rid of guitar center !

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