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G20 summit: Leaders pledge fair distribution of coronavirus vaccine

G20 summit: Leaders pledge fair distribution of coronavirus vaccine

Leaders at the G20 summit in S. Arabia Sunday promised to support developing nations in accessing COVID-19 vaccines and financially support poor countries whose economies have been ravaged by the crisis. The leaders, however, gave few details about what spending would entail. They also pledged to mobilize more resources to support the development, manufacturing, and distribution of the vaccines.

Tom A
Tom A
MIDESSA 1 months

Hold off until we can get a real president then just work it all out. Little Donnies throwing a fit right now so just leave him alone.

IvoryDove 1 months

"Let's give it to everyone regardless of race, age, medical need, preconditions" .... Said the Marxists!

MozartFX 1 months

You can have it...enjoy changing your DNA.

John 1 months

Was Trump there or out playing golf? I didn't see anyone get shoved off the stage so I guess he wasn't there. Why participate in global affairs when you've got a democracy to dismantle?

Donald 1 months

The GREAT RESET is here!

Delterra 1 months

Hope that includes the u.s. we need the charity help.

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