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’I’m going to blow up’ Georgia with new lawsuit, says lawyer Sidney Powell

’I’m going to blow up’ Georgia with new lawsuit, says lawyer Sidney Powell

President Trump’s lawyer, Sidney Powell said Saturday that an upcoming Georgia election lawsuit ’will be biblical.’ ’Georgia’s probably going to be the first state I’m gonna blow up,’ Powell said. Her claim was supported by Jordan Sekulow, another member of Trump’s legal team, suggesting a ’shocking’ lawsuit was on its way. Powell has provided no evidence to any of her earlier claims this far.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Democrats in 2016: the election was stolen, that's the only explanation! Democrats in 2020: what a secure election, the most secure in history!

Goi 1 months

Once a case is filed, the parties involved must submit the evidences to court and not wash the linen in public. Its a breach of procedure for the parties involved to talk of the evidence in public. The media is not the judges nor the court.

Reason 1 months

Dilemma for the cons...widespread voter fraud...but the republican governor planned the whole thing. And she says she has evidence of this.

Jon 1 months

This is VERY strange. Forget Trum admin, what could have motivated such a prominent attorney to make claims like this if they did not HAVE the evidence? What is she doing?

Jon 1 months

Was this before or after she was fired?

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 1 months

Always propagating lies and radicalism similiar to Drumpf but mostly hot air hormones.

John 1 months

Trump Administration: Sidney Powell who?

Randall 1 months

Oh, boy! I can't wait to see what this unveils. I'm guessing "biblical" means dismissed.

James 1 months

Atta girl.

Eileeñ 1 months

Well she just blew out her on carreer

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