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Trump’s legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell

Trump’s legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell

The Trump campaign has put space between itself and attorney Sidney Powell, claiming that she is ’not a member of the Trump legal team’. This claim is contradicted by Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who have said she is part of the team working on election lawsuits. Powell has been facing scrutiny over her bold claims about the election, and has appeared in Trump lawsuit press conferences.

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

Not surprised. She went to Alex Jones scale tin foil hat conspiracies and reportedly split Trump supporters.

Jim 1 months

Not a good sign at all for Trump, they embraced this woman and as recently as Saturday. the microphone was shared with her in an “ all players” press conference. I support the use of the legal course but it’s past time to show a court, any court some evidence. I suspect it’s pretty hard to prove a negative given if there was corruption it has been folded into the legitimate but I really don’t understand these judges that are using the argument that a few spoiled ballots aren’t worth disenfranchising 6 million voters ( Pennsylvania). Voting cannot have exceptions for fraud. If it took place it most definitely ruins the entire election. Especially given the fact that there would be no way to determine the actual number of fraud incidents. It’s like saying a few to many scoops of sugar dosent spoil the cobbler. You can still call it cobbler but whose gonna eat it ? Liberals complain that Trump only wants to look at democrat areas for bad votes, ok let’s look at republicans areas also. Bad votes are bad votes and having them mixed among the good votes still ruins them all, when you can’t tell good from the bad. It would take a hand recount and physical verification of the voter registration rolls to know this was a good election, since we aren’t going to get that, this will end with 70 million or so people who no longer trust the system. Trump or no Trump

Steven 1 months

As a neutral I gotta say the Trump legal team is fast becoming farcical. It's been what, two weeks now, and no significant progress? I totally respect recounts, but recounts of recounts? At this point American faith in democracy is being seriously undermined, which in years to come cannot bode well...

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