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Covid-19 lockdowns reduced pollutants, not CO2 levels, UN says

Covid-19 lockdowns reduced pollutants, not CO2 levels, UN says

The UN’s weather agency, World Meteorological Organization, in its latest bulletin said a slowdown in industrial activity linked to the Covid-19 pandemic has cut emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, but hasn’t reduced their record levels in the atmosphere. It said any reduction in greenhouse gas can be best achieved if countries can meet zero-carbon targets.

IvoryDove 1 months

California's forest (mis) management policies are responsible for more carbon emissions than most countries produce. But, they don't report those carbon emissions as such.

Jeffff 1 months

Well, with fewer and fewer trees each year, coupled with more humans, is it really any surprise? Stop illegal logging. That comes first

Cliffo 1 months

That's good news as we really need 2500ppm and an extra 1 degree C to optimize horticulture contrary to what some idiots believe. Fact.

Adam Alex
Adam Alex 1 months

Great news for the forests I guess

David 1 months

I guess we'll have to to do a super duper uber hella lockdown.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 months

This shows the humans have little or nothing to do with it.

Chris 1 months

But....I thought dolphins were swimming in Venice

J 1 months

Flywheel effect.

WasRIGHT 1 months

Lol! More globalist nonsense.

Goi 1 months

The Carbon Dioxide is coming from the thawing Permafrost and the "black ice" sheet beneath the white ice sheet above it melted away. The lockdown is not going to stop these two as they are autocycling. The black surface absorbs the heat instead of reflecting it to space and melt the ice releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere trapping the heat which is then reabsorb by the black surface and on and on and on. We are on auto-meltdown now.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 1 months

This isnt good for the anthropomorphic argument. We have crippled the world and it still dis nothing.

Jerry 1 months

We have not been locked down long enough. More human viruses to save the Earth. Scientists get to work!

Andromeda 1 months

The irony is the countries we blame the most for polluting the crap out of the world are the ones planting the trees. If you look at Nasa's maps over the last 20 years places like China and India have started to start turning back green with forests. On the other hand we sit here going if we go carbon neutral things will be fine. Carbon neutral means zero so if the carbon is already up there without all the world planting trees on a massive scale it will stay up there. And I say this as generally a sceptic.

Delterra 1 months

More good news yay😱😭

Delterra 1 months

We can't just lock down we need to actively engineer projects that will help reverse what is naturally irreversible given the damage we have done. Reflective sheets on the ice caps, plant trees, change diets and agriculture, built carbon capture plants, renewable energy, clean up the oceans, engineer new forms of life that are more efficient at capturing co2 and methane, and whatever else we can think of. We need tend if trillions of dollars and global cooperation if we want to save this planet and the human species

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