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Despite Covid-19 warnings, millions of Americans traveling for Thanksgiving

Despite Covid-19 warnings, millions of Americans traveling for Thanksgiving

Despite warnings from health officials to stay home for Thanksgiving because of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, millions of Americans are packing the country’s airports and roads before the holiday. About 1 million Americans a day packed airports and planes over the weekend and the crowds only kept growing. Most of the travelers expressed confidence in safe travel by taking anti-Covid precautions.

Cross1ve 1 months

As they should, this is a time to get together with your loved ones, just make sure you're not showing symptoms. The governments have already taken so much of our freedoms, now they're coming for your most warm of festivities. I'll be with my loved ones.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

This is why America struggles with the pandemic. We have no self control, discipline, cant delay gratification, etc. I understand we all want to see close family and friends and that is completely normal, however, endangering them, yourself and countless others to listen to your crazy uncle spew ridiculous conspiracy theories and tell the same stories you hear every year while you scarf down your third helping of stuffing is not worth risking their health or yours. Numerous vaccines are showing promise and if we can control ourselves and sacrifice this holiday season then 2021’s holiday season will be there waiting for us and many others who may not have made it if we can find a way to demonstrate some discipline. Be safe!

Patty 1 months

I'M staying home and cooking .First time I will make green bean casserole

Amoneywilson 1 months

Oh my!? People are willing to risk it with only 99.6% survival rate.

Canna 1 months

Bunch of idgits. Hope spending Thanksgiving with grandma is worth ending her. ✌️

Andres 1 months

Are Darwin awards given out in bulk? Let's find out...

WWIII 1 months

Probably should travel while you can, it’s a free country as of now...

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

Fuck Covid

Gaunt Dusk
Gaunt Dusk 1 months

Aw man. I was hoping Austin wouldn't empty out this winter. Winter is always a hard time on my bills.

Rugged Individualist
Rugged Individualist 1 months

Good for them! 👍

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