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Black transgender inmate sues Georgia prison officials over alleged sex assaults

Black transgender inmate sues Georgia prison officials over alleged sex assaults

Ashley Diamond, a black transgender, is suing the Georgia Department of Corrections officials for allegedly failing to protect her from sexual assaults and denying her ’adequate healthcare’ while jailed. Diamond settled a similar suit against the department in 2016. She alleges that she was locked with men in Savannah’s Coastal State Prison where she was assaulted over 14 times in the past year.

Gus  Lone
Gus Lone 1 months

"and being denied treatment she needs for her gender dysphoria".... So... Is it a mental disease or not...? Because often they say it is not. Make up your minds!

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 1 months

Not to sound unempathitic towards prison rape, but as someone who sued the state because of how bad it was in prison for them, and only having to serve four years of a twelve year sentence(what?!), you'd think they'd stay on the straight and narrow, knowing how bad it would be, as claimed, if they didnt.

Dave 1 months

Problem is, there are plenty of reports of putting trans women into a female prison and they assault the female prisoners.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 1 months

A schlong and berries to women are a weapon. If this person has a schlong and berries then this person will need to be in the prison with other schools and berries... So the medicle terms are not allowed by the mods at newsvoice but schlong and berries are fine?

Rugged Individualist
Rugged Individualist 1 months

Guys get raped in prison all the time. I'm not saying that's right or anything. I'm just not surprised that a guy that makes himself look like a woman because he thinks he's one would end up getting raped in prison. There's been cases of men like this being placed in female prisons only to go rape female inmate's. In a more recent case a guy placed in a female prison in the UK actually got a female inmate pregnant....Maybe don't break the law and get yourself locked up and we won't have this dilemma. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 1 months

I wonder how well rates of sexual assault in prison are understood. Is the issue that she has a bunch of female characteristics (the article I read didn’t mention full transition) or that sexual assault in prison is a problem needing solutions that seem very hard to solve.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

He made himself look like a woman, got locked up with men (likely several rapists), was raped and then feigns surprise? What's next, dunking yourself in a barrel of chum, swimming with sharks and getting offended when they take a chunk of you? Actions have consequences.

IvoryDove 1 months

The media have lost all pretense of being neutral fact tellers. When you refer to a mentally ill guy as if he's a woman, you are part of the problem.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Trump should make a trans only prison. The left would explode saying he is imprisoning trans people, but they'd also be happy that they are protected. Haha.

James T Kirk
James T Kirk 1 months

Always something with the alphabet brigade...

Tommy 1 months

Okay let's first point out that she's a cerial offender. Beyond that why should the people pay for new treatments for trans people? The freeze frame seemed like a good policy. Next time this woman gets incarcerated is she going to demand reassignment surgery on the people's dime?

Seekster 1 months

That is clearly a dude. Note the robust features of the face.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Normal men get assaulted in prison too. Welcome to the club. Make yourself look like a woman and you are at extreme risk. Not saying it's a part of it, because it shouldn't be, but you cannot be housed with biological woman.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

That's a dude.

Patty 1 months

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???Too ridiculous to even consider

Jim 1 months

Why does the race of this person matter ?

IIZard 1 months


Cheekie 1 months

Well maybe don’t break the law

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