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Pelosi says Biden’s ’patriotic’ picks will fix damages Trump caused to America

Pelosi says Biden’s ’patriotic’ picks will fix damages Trump caused to America

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has praised President-elect Joe Biden’s picks for national security and foreign affairs as ’historic’ and ’high-powered.’ Pelosi said these ’patriots will repair the damage wrought by the Trump administration’ and ’will restore America’s preeminent’ global role. Biden picked Alejandro Mayorkas to head homeland security and Antony Blinken to lead the state department.

Jerry 1 months

Nancy will be filling her pockets, and distributing her power. Anybody remember how Nancy always approved military spending for the fascist Trump regime. More war more wealth for Nancy and her ilk. Back to the Obama days. . . smiles and back rubs, but where you can't see will be human; history; and wildlife carnage.

D 1 months

The wrought the Trump administration brought? Think she ment Obama's administration and those that want to sell out America not build it up.

Cross1ve 1 months

Didn't these morons say that patriots were bad, racist and facist? Haaaaah, the pure gall...

WWIII 1 months

I believe there’s a typo here, they spelled Obama’s damages to America wrong

Quix Nix
Quix Nix 1 months

Dies of laughter

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