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US consumer confidence drops as Covid-19 pandemic rages across country

US consumer confidence drops as Covid-19 pandemic rages across country

Consumer confidence in the United States fell to a reading of 96.1 in November as the raging coronavirus pandemic pushed Americans’ confidence down to the lowest level since August. The consumer confidence index, which is a reflection of consumer expectations for income, business and labor market conditions, is set on a scale with 100 equaling the confidence level in 1985.

Seekster 1 months

Covid has been up and down all year but something else did happen in early November that gave consumers a reason to have less confidence in a full economic recovery...

Donald 1 months

Biden = Great Reset Trojan Horse. If you don't see how his own family is embedded, literally Ashley Biden's husband is a main Davos crony investing in data surveillance for "covid moonshot". Billions have already been traded.

Pocky 1 months

I personally expect a great depression with Biden seeming inevitable. Every part of his platform seems dead set on destroying our economy. Especially nation wide lockdowns.

David 1 months

RAGES.. .love those fear mongering words they use.

Rocky 1 months

The prospect of a Biden presidency is the largest obstacle looming in the minds of consumers where I am from. Covid was baked into the cake a year ago. We are just worried about how horrible of a leader Biden is and how terrible his track record is. We hear his policies and we know what that means for our ability to prosper over the next 4 years.

J 1 months

What panic? They one the media has made up?

IIZard 1 months

As Biden's lockdown looms.

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