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America is back and we’re ready to lead, says Biden

America is back and we’re ready to lead, says Biden

Joe Biden said Tuesday the US will be ’ready to lead’ again on the global stage. His words were a sign that the ’America first’ policy of President Trump will be set aside for one that is focused on working with allies. ’I’ve spoken with over 20 world leaders and they are pleased and somewhat excited that America is going to reassert its role in the world and be a coalition builder,’ Biden said.

Jack K
Jack K 1 months

Yep, America is back. Back to murdering brown children in the Middle East and lining the pockets of bankers and wall st

Alex 1 months

Lets just assume that he will be the guy... If by “America” you mean corporate owned America, then yes. It’s back.

Montgomery 1 months

When can we start investigating Biden for Chinese collusion?

Ver 1 months

Please USA do not lead. It means only wars everywhere, fearmongering and the expansion on the planet of your recipe for disaster : extreme financial inequality, healthcare for a few, no social safety net, racism in the name of "anti-racism", etc etc. The USA has no allies only hostages.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

Dear America, could you please instead of leading (which is a nice but empty word) focus your attention on real and difficult problems where you could apply all your powers (intellectual, economic, military if absolutely need be) and slowly but surely solve them? We the people outside your boundaries are sick and tired of Elephant in the China Shop behavior you've been exhibiting before, especially before 2016 elections. Please do not lead. Please think first and carefully do second.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

And by the way, if you plan to mindlessly force impose on the rest of us what you consider progress, please look for another planet, where you can practice as much as your heart desires .

Marshall 1 months

yay finally, oh wait, america was already on track with trump as president, biden will derail america just to try and fix it but will fail horibly with the mandatory mask mandate, mandatory buy back of fire arms, mandatory vaccines and so much more, biden will ruin the country from when it was at its finnest, biden plans on undoing everything trump did, its alot of non-sense from the dems/libs, we americans are doing very well, we dont need anything done by biden and his socialist vp candidate

R. 1 months

Well, make your bucket lists, middle and lower class, the establishment's back in the POTUS seat and we're about to see them slap the econony harder than an NFL player slaps his wife.

Rocky 1 months

You can't lead with no strategy from a basement. Although you should probably stay there since when you do leave you just make incoherent statements and spout racist rhetoric. Can someone please get this guy admitted so he can wind down his last year's in peace.

porcus 1 months

One word: *SCOTUS*. The election has not yet taken place and the Harris presidency is not yet assured. There are still audits, recounts, and court cases still pending. Biden has no history of leading on anything....

Jerry 1 months

If the Biden team talks to foreign ambassadors, does anyone think there will be prosecutions.

David Webb
David Webb 1 months

This delusional pedo is as creepy as hell and I and millions of other people are terrified of the tyranny this anti white anti American communist is going to inflict on the world.

Kenneth 1 months

2020, The beginning of end of the USA and the birth of the United Socialist States of America!!

Clyde 1 months

Great to have sanity and decency back in the White House!

Rocky 1 months

That's my president sadly he's an old dumb guy and not Bernie or yang ):

Random Bit
Random Bit 1 months

Shut up and take my money!

John W
John W 1 months

Meanwhile the ballot shreaders are busy.

R_Forde 1 months

I didn’t realize Dec 14th had already passed.

Angry_Face 1 months

Another puff piece lol, what a shock if Trump keeps the office COUP! they'll shout! COUP! LOL

judd 1 months

Biden will not be President.

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